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Mechanical of the Colt pocket hammerless pistol

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by gerard, Feb 10, 2013.

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    Title : Mechanical of the Colt pocket hammerless pistol
    Author: Gerard Henrotin

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    Ebook content
    Field stripping of the Colt pocket "Hammerless"
    - Interlocking of the receiver's rails with the slide inner grooves
    - Barrel's ribs interlocking with the receiver's locking grooves
    - The correct position of the slide
    - Counterclockwise rotation of the barrel
    - Barrel dimensions
    - Recoil spring guide dimensions
    - The recoil spring guide with internal plunger
    Advanced dismounting of the slide
    - Dismounting of the firing pin
    - Plug threaded in the breech face
    - Firing pins dimensions
    - Dismounting of the extractor
    - Extractor dimensions
    - Dismounting of the slide forward plug
    - Slide forward plug dimensions
    - Rear and front sights dimensions
    Advanced dismounting of the receiver (I)
    - Dismounting of the grip plates
    - Grip cross screw dimensions
    - Release of the grip safety
    - Dismounting of the safety lever
    - Safety lever dimensions
    - Dismounting of the hammer
    - Dimensions of the hammer without safety notch
    Advanced dismounting of the receiver (II)
    - Dismounting of the grip safety
    - Grip safety dimensions
    - Main spring dimensions
    - Dismounting of the sear spring and magazine catch
    - Sear spring dimensions
    - Magazine catch dimensions
    Advanced dismounting of the receiver (III)
    - Dismounting of the sear and disconnector
    - Sear dimensions
    - Disconnector dimensions
    - Dismounting of the trigger
    - Trigger dimensions
    - Dismounting of the ejector
    - Ejector dimensions
    - Dismounting of the magazine safety
    - Magazine safety dimensions
    - Index of the parts
    Functioning of the Colt pocket "hammerless" (I)
    - Stress on the barrel locking ribs
    - Cartridge guide and ejector
    - Early stage of the extraction
    - Trigger's rear extension explained
    Functioning of the Colt pocket "hammerless" (II)
    - Functioning of the trigger mechanism
    - Hammer cocked and caught by the sear
    - Trigger pulled and hammer released
    - Ejector's truncated hole
    - Disconnector's oscillation
    - Disconnection upon firing and recoil
    - Hammer cocked and trigger in disconnected status
    Functioning of the Colt pocket "hammerless" (III)
    - Hammer and firing mechanism
    - Early sear and hammer without safety notch
    - Evolution of the sear's design
    - Hammer lock at the safety notch in Colt .45 Model
    - Purpose of the Colt pocket "hammerless" safety notch
    - Grip safety functioning
    Functioning of the Colt pocket "hammerless" (IV)
    - The manual safety explained
    - Active portion of the safety lever
    - Early sear working with a hammer without safety notch
    - Safety lever used as cocking indicator
    - The magazine safety explained
    - Tansley safety deactivated by the magazine
    - Useful devices unavailable
    Reassembly tips (I)
    - Reinstalling the magazine safety
    - Reinstalling the ejector
    - Reinstalling the trigger
    - Reinstalling the sear and disconnector
    - Reinstalling the magazine catch
    - Reinstalling the sear spring
    - Reinstalling the grip safety and main spring
    Reassembly tips (II)
    - Locking of the sear in vertical position
    - Reinstalling the hammer
    - Reinstalling the grip safety pivot pin

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