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MEC Grabber 8567 Price?

  1. I have an opportunity to buy a MEC Grabber 8567 from a fellow reloader. He tells me there's "something wrong" with the first station. I have never loaded shotshells but would like to get into it. What's a fair price to offer? He's a super nice guy and I don't want to insult him.
  2. If it is a 12 or 20 gauge I would just buy factory. It is cheaper in the long run.
  3. It's a 12 gauge.
  4. If you must have it and depending on what shape it is in and what is wrong with station one. And what the parts would cost. A new one is about 480.00 plus shipping etc. and you might be able to find it for even less. So I would say between 300.00 and 350. But first look in your area what shot, wads, and primers are and see if it would be cost effective compared to factory. Also if you need to buy hulls? Also if you shoot enough shotgun to make it even worthwhile? Like shooting trap, skeet or sporting clays etc.
  5. Good points. Especially this last one. I don't shoot trap or sporting clays but a few times a year. Figured it would be fun to reload shotshells.
  6. Not when you screw up and have shot going everywhere.
  7. I've owned and operated several MEC 9000Hs and one 8567 Grabber, which is the best of all the Grabber models, since it's got the sizer built in. You have been given good advise from others. I would add go to trapshotters.com and check their for sale sections for an idea of prices.

    As for MEC shotgun shell reloaders, they are the great machines for the money. As with anything, there is a learning curve to get you past mistakes like spilling shot. If you have a friend that lives nearby, reloading with the same machine, it's really helpful to learn how to adjust the machine. Keep in mind, each stations adjustment effects the other stations. If one is out of adjustment, it will follow through until that shell comes out of the last station. MEC has great customer service, and repairs. If the first station isn't working quite right, it could be a simple adjustment and cleaning. You could get MEC service on the phone and they'll probably walk you through getting it working.

    As for hulls, usually you can find free ones at the clubs. Shooting reclaimed shot is cheapest, and it's all you need to break a close target.

    The advantage of reloading shotguns shells, like any other shell, is you can make them softer recoil than most factory shells.

  8. I started 54 years ago on a Mec 300. Then in 1972 bought two Mec 650 and two 700. Very shortly sold the two 700 and bought two more 650. Then many years later sold the 28 and .410. Then a couple of years after that bought two grabbers in 28 and .410 when I kind of got back into skeet shooting. After loading well over 200,000 shotgun shells I still spill shot. Especially .410 when the shot decides to bridge then lets go with no hull underneath. So I guess I’m still learning.:supergrin:
  9. Yes those sub gauges can be quite sensitive! Sounds like you have quite a lot of experience Bob!