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MCS Vehicle Tactics 27/28 MAR 2010 Indianapolis

Discussion in 'Tactics and Training' started by mercop, Jan 3, 2010.

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    Jul 10, 2002
    Modern Combative Systems
    Vehicle Tactics Course
    27/28 MAR 2010
    Eagle Creek Range
    Indianapolis IN

    This intensive two day course will cover protection and preparedness situations in and around vehicles. Some topics covered include-

    Vehicle transit planning and considerations
    Vehicle exiting sequence from all vehicle positions
    The vehicle as a weapon
    Use of open hand combative, impact weapons, and firearms in and around vehicles
    Managing 360 degree threats
    Self-defense vs bodyguard mentality
    Traumatic injury management

    This course includes force on force drills and scenarios with provided KWA G17 Airsoft pistols, Raven Concealment Systems holsters, and other protective gear.

    Required equipment- mouthpiece, wrap around eye protection (we recommend the ESS ICE Kit), and a three ring binder.

    Recommended equipment- quality airsoft modeled after your carry gun that fits in the same holster, Blue Gun drone of your carry gun. Spyderco Endura training folder.

    Cost of the course is $250. 50% deposit required by 15FEB09. Call 717-889-1753 to pay with a major credit card or send check/MO to-

    Modern Combative Systems
    P O Box 143
    Felton PA 17322