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Mayor Lightfoot: Biden Key to Getting Gun Control for Chicago

  1. Sure that will happen. Dumb asses.
  2. Biden couldn't find chicago on a map.'08. :rofl:
  3. C'mon man! Joe put the notorious Corn Pop in his place. ;)
  4. Chicago cat farted purple.
  5. If a Dem president is the key then why doesn't someone ask her why her boy Barry couldn't get the job done???

    Stupid *****!
  6. I thought she didn’t want Federal help.
  7. She wants to disarm law biding people while letting the criminals destroy the city while she stays silent. This is the Democrat party platform. Pro crime. Pro criminal.

    None of those committing gun crimes purchase their guns legally.
  8. I believe the former mayor blamed Indiana and Wisconsin for the “proliferation of guns” on the streets of Chicago (this was after the last gun store inside city limits closed). Now, I guess the rest of the country is to blame for violence in Chicago. Has nothing to do with the gangbangers in the hood.
  9. Now the criminals don’t obey the laws. If Biden wins and the Democrats control the House and Senate, the silent majority won’t obey the laws.
  10. Yeah... more laws are not the solution.

    Looking in the mirror might be a good start. Maybe her husband can help?
  11. Nor does it matter that Chiraq has had some of the strictest gun laws on the books nationwide until Heller forced them to follow federal law. But Beetlejuice has always been about deflect and blame others nearby.

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  12. You got THAT right!! If we go down that path,...... all bets are off.
    Do whatever you need to do.
    EFF CHICAGO!! well at least the mayor.
  13. "She then pivoted to push for more gun control, suggesting the federal government needs to “pass common-sense gun reform, make sure that everybody has background checks, stop the availability of ‘assault weapons,’ people that are on a no-fly list shouldn’t be able to get weapons, the list goes on and on.” :animlol:yeah... like she could make the thugs in her ghetto buy their guns through an FFL and submit to background checks... what kind of crack is she on anyway??? what a Demo$#!t moron....
  14. [emoji445]. [emoji444]
    I don’t want her
    You can have her
    She too ugly for me[emoji445].

    But seriously, so what. It doesn’t matter what she says. Just Dems building up fellow Dems, and this kind of grand posturing is meant for the low information voters who don’t know any better. Guaranteed that there are ignorant little old ladies out there who are saying “We have gotta vote for Joe Biden so he can pass those anti-gun laws that Mayor Beetlejuice (sic) was talking about. That violence is so bad in Chicago, we gotta help her out.”

    Political theater meant for the minds of all of the simpletons in America.

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  15. I think you channel Joe too well. :D
  16. For decades Chicago had draconian gun control to where it was illegal to own a handgun in Chicago and violence and murders were still at sky high rates. The problem is not guns, but the violent gang thugs and a system that allows them to flourish.

    Hey mayor, how about fellow social justice warrior Soros funded Kim Foxx who is extremely lenient on these thugs? Ever occur to you that her policies might be the problem?



    Kim Foxx, the Chicago prosecutor criticized over her handling of the Jussie Smollett case, is tossing felony cases at a higher rate than her predecessor, according to a new report.

    Data analyzed by the Chicago Tribune shows that Foxx’s office dropped all charges in 29.9 percent of felony cases in her first three years as Cook County state’s attorney, compared to 19.4 percent for former prosecutor Anita Alvarez’s last three years in office.

    A total of 25,183 defendants whose felony cases were prosecuted under Foxx saw their charges tossed through November 2019. That number is up from 18,694 over a similar period under Alvarez, the Tribune noted.

    The tossed cases involved some of the most serious charges — murder, sex crimes, drug offenses and attacks on police officers
  17. and continue to let gun felons off on recognizance.

    From second city cop blogspot https://secondcitycop.blogspot.com/

    in all, a total of 25,183 people had their felony cases dismissed under Foxx through November 2019, up from 18,694 for a similar period under Alvarez.
    Twenty-five thousand cases dropped.
  18. I thought chicago already had gun control.
  19. Ayep,the crooks got it covered'08. :upeyes:
  20. Mayor Larry Lightweight is dangerous for Chicago. She is ignorant as to running a city. And Kim Foxx is bought and paid for by the radical left. She is really dangerous. And then there is Prickwinkle... the voters got what they deserve.

    The only way to reduce the gun violence is 'stop and frisk' and random roadblocks to check for guns, just like checking for drunks.
  21. How many armed police officers does she have 24x7?
  22. Chicago needs sperm control.
  23. Gun control for people like us. Not for the criminals who belong to a protected class.
  24. She's on WGN everyday,a part-time job can help out theses days.'08.
  25. His highness the Mayor can kiss my lilly white Hoosier a##.
  26. LOL They I-bond Felons out of jail when caught with a gun and she wants to bang Lawful owners?
  27. Chicago is Retroactive(ly) Planned Parenthood