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Maybe moving to Ohio, need help

  1. I may be moving to Ohio (Dayton Area) thanks to Uncle Sam in the next year or so. I have family on the edge of Lake Erie too. Now that CCW has passed in Ohio I was wondering if you guys could give me some of the facts for carry, hunting, etc.

    Also, if anyone is in the Dayton Area, can you tell me about the area, and where I may want to live OR not want to live!

  2. this is from packing.org:

    you can ccw anywhere unless there's an official sign, or:
    A Police Station.
    Sheriff’s Office
    State Highway Patrol Station
    Premises controlled by the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation,
    State Correctional Institution, Jail, Workhouse, or other Detention Facility,
    Airport Passenger Terminal,
    Courthouse or building that Houses a Court.
    Public or Private College/University (May keep locked in Vehicle in Parking lot)
    House of Worship.
    Child Day-Care Center.
    Any and all areas of a building that is owned or leased by this state or any political subdivision of this state,
    A place in which federal law prohibits the carrying of handguns.
    An establishment with a liquor license

    Notifying LEOs is mandatory. You can (as of last month) carry concealed in your car (used to be it had to be in plain sight--even with a permit!).

    as for hunting, i dunno. you need to go to the ohio dnr site for more info on that.

    good luck with everything, though.
  3. start to follow Ohio for conceled carry.com its a site for you to learn and ask questions:wavey:
  4. For hunting with a handgun, it must have at least a 5" barrel and be .357 magnum or higher to use. You might want to check on the ODNR website to see current laws. Also, if you stop at a sporting goods store, Wal-Mart, etc., they have copies of the current fishing and hunting laws. Welcome to OHio. You are the one who did a great job getting the Smith & Wesson group started and in full swing.
  5. Thanks for all the great info. Does anyone know if there are any IDPA shoots in the Dayton area? My wife is in the Air Force and we'll be retiring soon. She's from Oak Harbor and we're considering an move up to the Dayton area.

    Thanks. Yes I got the SW forum up and running. I love my wheel guns and 1911s and since most of my wheelies are SW I figured we needed our own place to chat.

  6. I live in troy which is about 15 min north of dayton. pm inbound
  7. apparently there was one yesterday in oxford (about an hour from dayton, give or take).
  8. USPSA (IPSC) clubs... [note: the city/location is that of the Match Director, not the club itself]

    Outside of Cincy:
    Contact Info
    Raymond P. Zillick
    Cincinnati, OH 45248-1508
    Home: (513) 574-6022
    Email: [email protected]

    Dayton area:
    Contact Info
    Paul R. Hernandez
    Centerville, OH 45459
    Home: (937) 344-4020
    Work: (937) 775-4020
    Email: [email protected]

    Contact Info
    David Schattel
    Richmond, IN 47374-4023
    Home: (765) 962-1391
    Work: (765) 983-5865
    Email: [email protected]
  9. Lotsa nice places to live in the area, also some marginal ones. The tricky part would be the places that might not be that nice but are not really that bad. If she is going to actually work on base and you want to live close, that is a factor is cost. The base is the largest employer in the area, and that affects housing prices. When you start looking I could render an opinion on convenience and neighborhood desirability. I live a little south of the airport in Butler Township.
  10. as general rule you want to be either north of downtown dayton or preferably south of dayton. get in touch and ill hook you up with more sportsmans/shooting clubs close to dayton.......
  11. Hello TG,
    Ohio is much better for CCW than it was, although there is still much to do to make it even better. As far as where to live in Dayton, I would have to say south of town would be the best option. If you must live within the city limits you do not want to live on the West side. There is not many places within the city limits that are a good place to live. More people are moving out than moving in. I used to live on the East end of town, which in my opinion is the only place to live if you must live in the city. I still own a house there, but I moved to the (North East) New Carlisle area a few years ago. My wife and I are considering moving to the Miamisburg/Centerville area sometime in the future which is south of town as stated at the beginning of this post. The schools are much better there, and the community supports all the sports there. If you have kids please consider not living within Dayton city limits. You will regret it. There may be a school just down the street from you house, but your kids will be shipped across town for school. I went to Miamisburg schools and would like to live there again. Good luck and consider this a pre-welcome to Ohio.
  12. If you are going to be any where near downtown Dayton...you're going to need to CCW.
  13. This is a pretty broad brush statement. I am in downtown on just about a 7 day a week basis and could probably offer some more specifics if you need them.

    PS: Don’t go anywhere near downtown Cincinnati unless you are carrying… :rofl:
  14. For most of downtown Cincinnati, Dayton, Youngstown, Toledo, and Cleveland you don't need to CCW, you need to open carry an AR, AK, or something else heavy.

    For Columbus or Akron, CCW will mostly do most of the time.

    For Lima, I prefer to deploy in fire team strength from an IFV with air support...
  15. I worked downtown Dayton and would walk 3rd and Main St. daily and I can tell you that on more than one occasion I feared for my life...and that was during the lunch hour. If it were at night, I would feel safer in Iraq, at least they got a curfew there.

    Also, my friend is a Dayton cop that works the beat downtown and you wouldn't believe the stories he's told me about downtown. He says he would NEVER walk his family downtown and I don't blame him. Not a good family atmosphere. West Dayton is supposedly the worst for crime.

    mmc45414: You are completely correct...downtown Cincinnati is just as bad if not worse. I've been there many times also. I always CCW downtown.
  16. And Third & Main is/was a zoo, but that doesn’t apply to the entire town. And also, they have really cracked down on all the crap that was going on after Dr. Schuster threw a fit about the circus that was going on daily in front of the entertainment center that was built with his big endowment. The biggest problem there was the public schools outsourcing their transportation to the city RTA busses. That contract is not renewed and they are even relocating the hub (but that is probably just a band-aid).

    Just saying that like Cincinnati or Chicago or anywhere else, there are places that are a zoo and there are places that are just fine. In fact, I would say that the biggest security challenge in the downtown Dayton area is getting into town from all directions except the south, there seems to be a beltway of crap on three sides of the town.

  17. Who ever designed I-75 as it goes into downtown Dayton needs to be fired. Ever try to get on the 3rd Street exit coming from I-75 North? It's a mess ad it's dangerous.

    Downtown is a zoo. It seems like people just "hang out" there all day and do nothing. The RTA contributes to the whole mess. I live about 30 minutes south of Dayton in Butler County out of that mess.

  18. Oh now Lima's not bad! Otherwise you're exactly right. One of the reasons my EX-:)banana: ) Decided to dump me is because I refuse to leave the house without my gun and a couple reloads. I go out to mow the lawn, there's Glockie right beside me. I go from the house to my car to get something and Glockie's right there. I go out to walk the dog, and I've got Glockie, several reloads and a smaller LAW rocket.

    Cleveland's a fricken hole!

    (Ok, that last part is an exaggeration. I don't have a LAW nor do I have any clue where to even get one, but I do have my gun with me every where I go)
  19. Cleveland is the poorest city in the US.
  20. a couple years back, i lived by downtown dayton, just east of the city, 5th and linden. i got out of there asap. my car was broken into monthly (screwdriver thru the door lock, broken out windows, etc). it was just sketchy all around.
  21. Part of the beltway I mentioned.