May DRTG Nike+ Running Challenge

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    May DRTG Nike+ Running Challenge

    To motivate armed professionals and responsible gun owners to get out and run in the month of May.

    Interested runners should track their runs using the Nike+/iPod Nano Sport Kit. To join the challenges please e-mail [email protected] and request to be entered into the challenge, please include the e-mail address and screen name that you use for the Nike + website.
    After we receive your e-mail we will enter your information in the challenge and you will receive a confirmation from Nike+. After you confirm your entry into the challenge your runs will automatically be tracked by the DRTG Challenge.

    The Reward:
    At the end of the month of May the runner who has logged the most miles will receive a pair of MagPul PMags w/windows, FDE in color.

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    I am looking forward to this challenge, if anyone has any questions please let me know at the e-mail address listed above.

    Thank you