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Maximum Concealment

  1. I am considering legally carrying on a college campus. It is important that my carry method print as little as possible. In your experience, which is the better way to carry—pocket or holster shirt? IWB/OWB is out of the question, as well as ankle carry; too easy to print or accidentally expose.
  2. I am a doctor of chiropractic and where constantly. I have used the Holsters shirts they sell at the Glock store but they are too hot for the summer. So I use the Urban Carry G2. It works great for me but some people's body types, pants , at Cetera make it not work at all for them. I have also pocket carried successfully with 12 rounds in a Glock 26 and seven rounds in a Glock 43.

    Like it says in Mas Ayoobs Book you just have to do it. Everybody who carries has several if not a drawer full of Holsters they don't use.
  3. Ninjamin,

    Don't rule out Appendix IWB carry. I'm 63 and have been carrying for 23 years. Like Dr_fast reported in his last sentence in post #2, many of us have a draw full of holsters that have not worked! For me, nothing is as comfortable and has fast access like AIWB carry. I carry a fairly chunky gun like the G27 or G33 all day long comfortably even when I'm driving. Yor sitting in class should be the same position and comfort as I experience in the car. A slim pistol like s Sig938 or my Kahr is even that much slimmer & easier .

    In these photos I am wearing a medium size shirt that fits me perfectly, but yet hides the gun EASY. Much of the time I wear a large shirt which is that much easier to conceal. You can never see the print of a gun on me. The worse case scenario, if you were to get in a contorted position, it would be a small line that shows which mostly looks like a wrinkle. But unless you are wearing a really snug shirt, a gun print will NOT occur. Nowadays, everybody has some kind of a device on them anyway, so when you're minding you're own business, nobody thinks anything of a wrinkle or line anyway.

    Below photo; Standing straight for the photo while carrying;

    Below photo; standing with slight lean to my left trying to expose gun, but can't.


    Below photo; Standing with extreme leaning to my left to try & get the shirt to rest onto the gun and "print it", but I can't.

    Below photo; That is a healthy 10-12 shot G27, G33, or G26 you can carry comfortably concealed.... and other smaller guns just as easy.

    Below photo; This is the G27 I carry on my pants waistband with a clip-draw. That is a plastic Kydex trigger cover that I use for safe carrying. When the gun is pulled out from under my shirt, the kydex cover is automatically pulled off to expose the trigger. This way if you aren't thinking while you go scratch an itch down there, you won't disrupt your college class with a sudden loud bang.

    Below photo; Since I don't figure most folks will craft there own cover like I did, here is a Kydex cover available on Ebay for $10-$15

    Kydex trigger guard 3rd image.jpg
  4. Of the two methods you asked about, I prefer pocket carry, both for comfort and for speed of access.
  5. Same here, where cover garments are not worn.
  6. [​IMG]
    Small pistol or J frame revolver Pocket carry; DeSantis Nemesis. They work very well.
    And Tagua "No Slip" holsters work well, too. Pocket or inside the pants.
  7. [​IMG]
    Last, but not least, These work well, believe it or not. Pocket or waistband. Downside is they do wear out, but most "sticky" style holsters do anyhow, so there you go.
  8. Desantis Nemesis also works as well as any of the no slip holsters like the Sticky holster or the Remora.
  9. OP, you didnt mention what type of gun you have.

    Most pocket type holsters like Nemesis print worse in jeans than just carrying IWB... Unless you're talking cargo type pants with enormous pockets.
  10. I like that! A little bit of element of distraction! I worry about wearing the G2 urban carry and someone seeing the flap and asking "what's that?" This takes care of that.
  11. The Desantis Gun Hide is specifically designed to look like a wallet in your back pocket
  12. I am considering a pocket-sized handgun, such as the G43 or Sig P238. I'm putting out the feelers to see what has worked well for other people in similar "absolutely no one must ever suspect that I have a gun" situations. For the last three years I have been carrying a G19 that I absolutely love, but my experience carrying that IWB/AIWB has told me I had better not carry something that large on a college campus. I have to keep the liberal folks signing off on my diploma happy....
  13. If no one has mentioned this let me throw it out.

    If "absolutely no one must suspect you have a gun" then you absolutely can not disclose to ANYONE on campus that you have one. Not your best friend. Not your woman. And no one that KNOWS them.

    If one person knows it's only a matter of time before everyone knows
  14. +1. I've used this with both a P938 and 43, though not at the same time ;)
  15. I use the Superfly with my LC9S. Essentially a Nemesis with a flap. Works really well.


    I normally carry a G26 in either an Uncle Mike's pocket holster, or a Remora, but that only really works with cargo pants, big pockets. The Remora has much better pocket retention for drawing than the Uncle Mike's but it's bigger and stiffer.
  16. Also, I have some of the holster shirts. They carry well, but I think they're kind of dangerous. For one, they don't really protect the trigger well. Wouldn't be too hard to accidentally hit the trigger when trying to draw. The trigger is covered, but just with shirt fabric. Second, you have to wear a cover shirt, which means extra time getting to it in order to draw. I like them okay for a BUG, or when pocket, or holster carry isn't really an option, but not so much as my primary carry.
  17. For absolute concealment I use my Ruger LCP in a pocket holster. I know this is GlockTalk and I love my Glock but when I have to be absolutely positively concealed I go with the LCP.

  18. True, I made the mistake of telling a lady I had gone out with only a couple of times, mainly testing her reaction for compatibility reasons. I think it was the third date we ran into some people she knew and they were talking about a crime that had happened recently and she just blurted out in front of those people which I had never met before and anyone else within hearing range "he's got his gun on him he wears it wherever he goes". Lesson learned.
  20. I have a lot of pocket pistols and a lot of pocket holsters, including nylon, like Sticky, molded leather, regular leather, Kydex and minimalist Kydex (trigger guard). None are a 'Fast' draw as I have to put my hand in my pocket, grasp the grip and draw my closed fist out of my pocket. (Try drawing your closed fist out of your pocket now and then imagines grasping something that makes your fist even bigger) Now do that again while sitting......
    I do pocket carry daily as a backup and did as a primary for the longest.
    Now my EDC is AIWB. Much faster draw sitting or standing.
  21. I conceal carry AIWB my G27 or my Kahr P40. My BUG is carried @ my right back pocket. I use the LCP II. Spare mag is a full size for my Glock22. Nowadays, my Glock 22 has the Glock 31 .357 Sig conversion barrel on occasion I carry OWB on range trips.
  22. 100% this - as long as the pocket is big enough for the gun. In my decade of pocket carry, a S&W 442, Kahr PM9 or Glock 42 will work just fine in the majority khakis, jeans or 5.11 style pants. I use an Uncle Mike's pocket holster size 3 or 4, depending. $11 at Walmart.

    If it really is 100% legal on a college campus as you (OP) say, you might not want to be too concerned about ultimate concealment. But I guess you have your reasons.

  23. Agreed. I've used one for years; it was called a Pager Pal. Mine works for a snubby or a G27. Few people, however, probably remember when we used pagers.
  24. I see that you are left handed, so your gun is carried on the side with no appendix. That's almost like cheating. I have a very manly, enlarged, throbbing appendix on my right side which would preclude me from appendix carry as a right hander. All the lads at the gym are jealous of my appendix. So its a lot easier for left handers to do appendix carry.
  25. Plus 1 on Smart Carry. Extremely comfortable and totally discreet. My preferred carry for my Glock 43. Check them out.

  26. Thunderwear......crotch concealment and quite possibly the most comfortable.....
    Appendix or ankle carry after that...
    Bladetech concealment IWB.... slimmer and less bulky than my bianchi...and Blackhawk IWB....
  27. [​IMG]
  28. [​IMG]
  29. As for pocket holsters, they seem popular on the internet, but in real life it seems like anything that will conceal a pocket holster will conceal a better holster. I have never figured out how you guys have such gigantic pockets.
  30. No. With off-body carry its only a matter of time before you leave the folio sitting on your desk
  31. My wife know not to tell anyone that she carries, no one has a need to know. That's why I agreed to marry her, she smart, very smart.
  32. Pocket carry a S&W M&P Bodyguard .380 everyday without a problem. I work construction and wear carpenter style work pants. I carry two spare mags in a Leatherman knife pouch and nobody knows. I've been doing it for years without a hitch.
  33. No one recommended AlienGear, so I will. Nice thing about them is A++ customer service, and 100% free shell exchanges for life, ie, I started trying to CC my HK VP9, but that sucker is huge and I'm a small framed dude so I printed like an Epson.

    Went with a G43 for CC, and they sent me a shell for that one. Issued a credit once they received the old shell, in the provided bag and pre paid packaging.

    You can pick from IWB, OWB etc and customize each a bunch of different ways. Definitely recommend, as comfortable as you can get while carrying.
  34. By the way, I use a DeSantos pocket holster.
  35. Ruling out IWB is silly.

    Go appendix, wear a one size larger shirt, add a cover garment or some combination thereof.

    It's too easy to hide a gun.
  36. Hello P.Noodle,
    ... actually I am right handed. The image you are seeing in post#3 is reverse because it's in a mirror. So actually I'm right handed like you too, but I guess my appendix isn't as big as yours (are you sure you didn't mean appendage? :supergrin: ) I've got plenty of space to comfortably carry my G27 there in spite of my appendix. But, I gave you a "like" just the same because it's nice anyway to be reminded of a time I can remember when there was a good bit more "throbbing" or bobbing under my belt too.
  37. Pocket, IWB, AIWB all are good choices with the right firearm and holster. At the moment I typically carry either IWB with Alien Gear, or front pocket with a DeSantis pocket holster and my Shield 9mm. Wal-Mart shorts...somewhat shallow but no issues with a polo or Columbia button-up shirt sized to fit (for both IWB and pocket), not oversized.
  38. I keep reading these posts, and the posters have a LOT more experience than I have, but I have been thinking (which for me is dangerous) that wearing my gun on my left side (I am right handed) with the butt of the gun pointing to my right side in a cross draw configuration may be the best option for concealed carry.

  39. I went to college as a LEO and I used pocket carry with a snubby revolver (442) and a LCP. I'd occasionally IWB carried a Sig P232, but pocket carry was by far the safest from a weapon retention/remaining undetected point of view. While pocket carry may not be ideal, as far weapon presentation goes, it beats being unarmed. Only one student ever knew that I carried and
    he was an Army Afghanistan vet that I trusted. I was usually in gray man mode.
  40. Don't overestimate the observation powers of those around you, either. Most people go around in a fog.
  41. None of the above.



    Happyguy :)
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  43. With a small enough gun and big enough pockets, pocket carry can work, and it's going to be the most comfortable. If the gun's too big, or the pockets too small, I find something like a CTAC or MTAC with v-clips and a good belt (i.e. thebeltman velcro lined horse hide) works quite well, and you can (should) tuck the shirt in for better / more reliable concealment.

    I haven't heard from anyone at Comp-Tac lately, but I have a suspicion the company changed ownership, as the style of their products changed...and not in a direction I like (more sizzle, less steak). But I do have a drawer full of their stuff, mostly older CTACs for various guns. Their latest holsters have needed some at-home modding and I'm not at all happy with their current production v-clips...but I don't know of anyone else making anything I'd like better.
  44. DFW holsters carry them also
  45. The 5-11 t-shirts work pretty well.