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Match Reminder: Silver Creek USPSA Sunday Jan 13th

Discussion in 'Bluegrass Glockers' started by domzilla9, Jan 9, 2008.

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    Silver Creek Conservation Club (Sellersburg IN) will host its January USPSA Pistol match this Sunday the 13th. Setup starts 8:30AM (any and all help is appreciated). Registration opens 9:30AM and the Match starts at 10:30AM.

    Silver Creek Conservation Club News
    Silver Creek Conservation Club is now part of USPSA's Indiana Section and will host the 2008 Indiana Section Championship on June 6th-8th. You will find details on the match on the Indiana Section Website at Mark your calendars! This is going to be an awesome match!

    Upcoming Events at Silver Creek Conservation Club
    Monday, January 14 - General Membership Meeting <-- Prospective new members need to attend!
    Sunday, January 20 - ATA Registered Trap Shoot
    Saturday, January 26 - Silver Creek Steel Challenge
    * No Hidden Hills Match in January *

    Also, our first ICORE match of 2008 will be Sunday March 30th. Additional ICORE match dates are TBD.

    Thank you,

    Dominic Bosco
    Stats Officer
    Silver Creek Conservation Club