MAST SOLUTIONS Pistol Training In Houston Sept. 22

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    I thought I would plug MAST SOLUTIONS in Houston. Damn good instructors and they have a class with slots still available on Sept. 22

    To all,

    MAST has announced a 1 day pistol class (you voted and we listened, one day works better for you). This is an “introductory” class; however we will cover the same fundamentals that you will need to be proficient to continue your training with MAST.

    * Date: September 22nd 2007
    * Time: 0730-to-1700
    * Location: American Shooting Center Training Burm
    The fee is $150.00 and will be a full day of training.

    Class will cover the following curriculum:

    1. Safety Fundamentals and firearms handling
    2. Draw stroke
    3. Weapons Malfunctions
    4. Administrative, “tactical”, combat, other reloads
    5. Shooting Platforms (static and from cover)
    6. Shooting with movement. Getting off the proverbial “X”.
    7. If you’re up for it, a Sidearm qualification…

    Required equipment:

    * 550 to 650 rounds
    * Handgun .380 caliber or larger
    * Snug fitting waistband holster or drop leg
    * 4 mags minimum
    * Mag holder recommended.
    * Back up firearm if you have it.

    I would bring a lunch... we will be moving all day!

    Dress for the weather (we will have cover if it rains) but hey, you guys like the mud!!
    Bug juice, suntan lotion, hat, safety glasses, hearing protection...

    Let myself or Mike Snow know ASAP if you want to participate. Payment will be due upfront like last time to secure your slot. Please contact Mike Snow to arrange payment at the following or go to the MAST @ and purchase online.

    [email protected]
    Mike aka plastixplus
    (832) 250-0819


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