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Massad Ayoob - Blue Trail Range Fundraiser Sept 10th.

Discussion in 'Tri State Glockers' started by Blaster, Aug 20, 2008.

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    Massad Ayoob will be donating his time to Blue Trail Range on Wednesday evening September 10, 2008. Many local folks may know BTR has been under attack and has incurred significant (huge) expenses.

    This lecture presents a unique opportunity. Those who are contemplating taking a course from Massad Ayoob get a chance to meet the man and determine if he really knows what he is talking about. It isn't very often you get the chance to preview a course like LFI-1. In the process the $50 admission goes directly to fighting the anti-gunners.

    Details follow:

    An Evening with Massad Ayoob
    A Blue Trail Range Funds Raiser - Sept 10th

    Readers of gun magazines such as Combat Handguns, American Handgunner, etc. will be most familiar with Massad Ayoob from his articles dealing with the various potential legal hazards resulting from the use of deadly force and his evaluation of various new model handguns. Mas is much more than a “gun writer”. He is a sworn police officer, champion shooter, court certified expert witness and founder of the Lethal Force Institute. Along with Jeff Cooper, Chuck Taylor and Ray Chapman, etc. he is one of the original “big name” instructors has long been acknowledged as the leading expert on the civilian use of deadly force in self-defense with students paying up to $1500 to attend his training courses.

    Every fall for over a decade, in association with Defense Associates, Mas has been conducting his LFI1 course at Blue Trail Range. Over the years Dave Lyman and his staff have been very accommodating and now that the range has been unjustly attacked Mas has volunteered his services to help raise money to pay their legal bills.

    One night only - At 7:00 PM on Wednesday Sept 10th Mas will conduct a 2 hour lecture on the Use of Deadly Force followed by a ½ hour Question & Answer period. Donations to attend are $50.00 and all proceeds will go to the Save Blue Trail Range fund. The subjects covered will be of interest to anyone who either carries a handgun or keeps a firearm at home for self-defense. Topics will range from why the internet can land you in jail, the actual circumstances that must exist to justify the use of deadly force, street vs. at home tactics, interaction with the police after an incident, the realities of the legal (not justice) system and others.

    This is a rare opportunity to spend time with one of the country’s best instructors and help keep the state’s only outdoor public shooting range in operation – all at a very low cost. Much of what you hear on this subject is inaccurate and if believed can land you in serious trouble. The information you receive can save you thousands of dollars and much heartache. Initial plans call for the event to take place at Blue Trail Range but it may be moved to Meriden if the response exceeds the facility.

    To attend:
    Mail your $50.00 check, payable to Save Blue Trail Range, Inc, plus a note referencing Massad Ayoob and including your name; e-mail address and phone number (so we can notify you of a location change) to: Blue Trail Range, 316 North Branford Road, Wallingford, CT 06492
    To pay by credit card call Defense Associates Monday through Friday 6:00 – 9:00 PM at 203-261-8719.
    Need more information? Email and supply a phone number and time we can contact you.