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NOLATAC FIREARMS TRAINING presents: Massad Ayoobs's Armed Citizens' Rules of Engagement

Ladies and gentlemen, this is a rare opportunity to train with one of the few remaining experts in the field. I have been in conferences and lectures with Mr. Ayoob, and he is definitely a subject matter expert in the field. Besides being a court appointed expert on several subjects, including the use of deadly force, he is a well sought after Firearms Instructor and unfortunately a use of force veteran.

Do not take my word for it. Please research Mr. Ayoob and you will find his reputation precedes him.

We all have been to gun schools. We all practice the mechanics of pulling the trigger, but just like we also need medical training, armorer’s training, driving training, etc; we also need to know the ins and outs of the bigger battle we will face—the courtroom. Being able to show proof of training in the “Judicious use of Force” from a court recognized expert is priceless.

This is a classroom lecture format. No ammo costs, no gear costs. You will not be disappointed. I promise it.

Articles by Massad Ayoob-

Books by and Wiki on Massad Ayoob -

His personal website-

His training Affiliations-

Some of his writings-

Class Dates: July 10-11, 2010

Cate Street Seafood Station
(facebook page)

308 South Cate Street
Hammond, LA, 70403
(985) 340-3891

Costs: 450.00

Lunches will be catered and , drinks, and snacks will be provided and are included in the cost of the course.

200.00 Deposit to hold seat. Payment in full by June 4th, 2010. NO REFUNDS MADE AFTER JUNE 4TH, 2010.

Please contact me directly for payment and registration at the below number and email.

Credit card, paypal, or money order accepted.

Brannon LeBouef
[email protected]

NOLATAC Facebook

Armed Citizens’ Rules of Engagement (formerly LFI - Judicious Use of Deadly Force)
Massad Ayoob designed the Introduction to Deadly Force class as an extract of the key lecture portions of his famous forty-hour LFI-I course, considered the national standard for the training of law abiding armed citizens in the judicious use of lethal force in self defense.
The class goes far beyond Ayoob's famous book "In the Gravest Extreme," long accepted as the authoritative text on the subject. "I can't control who reads a book," says Ayoob. "There are certain strategies that, put in print, could become a blueprint for face to face confrontations. This course is open only to those persons who have proven to us that they've passed a criminal record/character background check."
Strategies include taking suspects at gunpoint, interacting with witnesses at the scene of a shooting or drawn gun incident, and interaction with responding and interrogating police officers. Other material covers tactics for dealing with armed robbers, home invaders, rapists, muggers, carjackers, and other assailants.
Selection of optimum firearms, ammunition, and holsters and other accessories are covered but not emphasized. This is a software class more than a hardware class, devoted to the legal, ethical, and moral parameters of defending oneself and others with lethal force. The two points of emphasis are "street survival" and "court survival." Throughout, the thrust is on developing a mindset that allow you to cope with life-threatening stress while remaining totally defensible in a court of law. Judges and attorneys who've taken the class say that the deadly force training therein exceeds that taught in law school; police instructors who've taken this two-day, intensive weekend lecture-and-video program agree that it goes far beyond the police academy as well.
The graduate can subsequently take the two-day, live-fire(500 round) StressFire course (see the Schedule for dates), becoming eligible for full LFI-I certification subject to passing the written exam and police-type live-fire qualification.
All students must show proof of having passed criminal record/character background check. Acceptable credentials include concealed carry permit, FID cas, FFL, or letter from a police department confirming background.
The class is taught personally by Massad Ayoob.

Massad F. Ayoob

DOB 07/20/1948 in Cambridge, MA
Two daughters, Cathbin and Justine

• Bachelor of Science in Business, 1970
New Hampshire College, Cum Laude
• Director of Lethal Force Institute, Inc, 1981-present
Teaching Experience
• International Director of Police Firearms Training, Defensive Tactics Institute, 1980-82
• Special Instructor, Chapman Academy, 1981-88
• Assistant Professor teaching weapons and Chemical Agents, Advanced Police Training Program of New Hampshire 1974-77
• Special Instructor, NH Institute of Karate
• Feature lecturer, Missouri Police Shooting State Championships and Seminar, 1983-88
• International Instructor Staff, PR-24 police baton training program
• National Chairman, committee on police firearms training, American Society of Law Enforcement Trainers (ASLET), 1987-present
• Co-instructor (with former world combat pistol champion Ray Chapman) of Advanced Officer Survival Seminars conducted nationwide through Police Marksman Association
• Lecturer and coordinator, first state ASLET seminar (New Hampshire, 1988)
• Guest lecture experience includes Second Chance Officer Survival Seminar 1980-85
• Smith & Wesson Academy Instructors’ update
• Metro-Dade Police Academy (use of deadly force, unarmed combat and arrest tactics, officer survival)
• Ordnance Expo., Los Angeles 1983-84
• New England SWAT Seminar
• ASLET NATIONAL SEMINARS (knife/counterknife; plainclothes/off-duty encounter management; forensic aspects of gunshot/knife/bludgeon wounds)
• Regional International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Seminars, New York (ammunition selection) and Switzerland (dynamics of violent encounters)
• McGill Univ. School of Medicine, Royal Victoria teaching hospital (wound dynamics, knife and gunshot), 1988
• International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (aftermath management in police shootings), National Conference, 1988
• Lecturer, National Tactical Invitational, Gunsite Training Center, 1995
• Personal Training
• Smith & Wesson Academy Advanced Combat Shooting, 1st in class
• Smith & Wesson Academy Instructor Course, 1st in class
• Smith & Wesson Academy Officer Survival Course, 1st in class
• Smith & Wesson Academy Weapon Retention Instructor Course
• Smith & Wesson Academy Instructors’ Update (Twice)
• Smith & Wesson Academy Match Shooting School
• PR-24 Baton Instructor Course (Lon Anderson)
• PR-24 National Instructors’ Seminar (annually)
• National Instructor, Telescoping Baton (CASCO)
• National Instructor, Persuader Baton (Joe Truncale)
• Instructor, Straight Baton (COPSTK)
• PPCT Pressure Point Control Tactics (Bruce Siddle)
• Kubotan Instructor Course (Takayuki Kubota, John Peters)
• International Police Academy Defensive Tactics Instructor Course (Rated “master instructor” by Sensei Jim Morell)
• Advanced Homicide Investigation (Lt. Cmdr. Vern Geberth, NYPD, ret.)
• Medical Legal Death Investigation (Dade County Medical Examiner’s Office)
• International Homicide Investigators Seminar (Twice)
• NYPD “Hostage Negotiation for Supervisors”
• NYPD “Post Shooting Tactics”
• NYPD “House Clearing Techniques”
• NYPD “Off Duty Confrontation Tactics”
• NYPD “Summary of Violent Encounter Patterns”
• NYPD “Police Shotgun Program”
• Ordnance Expo. “Firearms and Ballistic Evidence”
• Ordnance Expo. “Handling Barricaded Suspects”
• Ordnance Expo. “Officer Involved Shooting Investigations”
• Ordnance Expo. “Officer Involved Shooting Investigations Advanced”
• Ordnance Expo. “Officer Survival””
• AELE, “Police Civil Liability Seminar”
• Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, B.O.S.S. program including officer survival, intelligence briefings on outlaw bike gangs, booby traps, counter-ambush tactics, arrest techniques
• Sceptre Baton Program, Georges Sylvain
• Illinois Department of Law Enforcement Counter-Terrorist Series, including “Use of Explosives in Terrorism” and “Hostage Negotiation”
• Escrima (short stick fighting) seminar, Grandmaster Remy Presas
• Knife/Counter-Knife, Master Paul Vunak, Jeet Kune Do, Long Beach, CA.
• Knife/Counter-Knife, Hank Reinhardt, Atlanta
• Knife/Counter-Knife, Sensei Jim Maloney, Uechi-ryu, Concord, NH
• Chapman Academy Intermediate Pistolcraft
• Chapman Academy Advanced Pistolcraft
• Mid South Institute of Self Defense Shooting, Advanced (John Shaw)
• Defense Training, Inc. judgment shooting program (John Farnam)
• DEFT Simulator (Judgment Shooting Test), LAPD Academy
• FATS Simulator (Judgment Shooting Test), Atlanta (consultant for mfr.)
• Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar
• Glock Instructor Certification
• Glock Armorer’s Certification
In addition, has intensively researched the training of numerous police agencies including, but not limited to:

• NYPD Firearms and Tactics Unit
• NYPD Emergency Services Unit
• NYPD Armed Robbery Stakeout Unit
• LAPD Firearms Traning Unit
• Metro-Dade Police Firearms/SWAT Training Unit
• Illinois State Police Ordinance Section
• NH State Police SWAT
• Ohio State Peace OFficer Training Academy
• Arizona Highway Patrol Firearms Training
• Kentucky State Police Firearms and Special Reaction Team Training
• London, England Metropolitan Poice Firearms Training and Special Services Unit

Articles or stories on Massad Ayoob have appeared in or on:
• Los Angeles Times
• Boston Globe
• Boston Herald
• New York Post
• ABC Turning Point
• National Enquirer
• Indianapolis Star
• Various other newspapers
• PBS' "Frontline"
• ABC's "20/20"
• BBC News Magazine
• Numerous local TV and radio broadcasts
• Guns Magazine
• Gun World Magazine
• Warriors Magazine
• Boston Magazine
• Next Magazine
• Gallery Magazine
• Inside Karate Magazine
• "Shooting Schools - An Analysis" (chapter)
• "Gun Digest Book of Autoloading Pistols" (chapter)
• "Gun Digest Book of Combat Handgunnery" (chapter)
• Pistolero Magazine
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