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Massachusetts Glockers

  1. I live in Mass, where the only Glock you can buy would have been purchased and registered in the state of Mass, PRIOR to 10/21/98. That means 2 things.
    1st) The newest Glock I could own would be at BEST, 10 yrs old.
    2nd) Those citizens who already have Glocks, (especially the 26 & 27), typically sell them for no less than 750.00

    Seriously considering moving the hell out of Mass to a more "free" state!

  2. i got my g27 at four seasons in woburn a few months back for 575.00,yeah its 10 years young but you would never no it.
  3. If you can get someone to transfer the lower, you can get one. You can legally own one but dealers can not sell them. Once the transfer is made it is legal to own. What a state, I have to go through NH to get home in Massachusetts, so the guy that lives 2 houses down on same street can have almost anything, while we have our "list" of ok to own. Makes no sense to me, but I am not a politician.