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Mass. college 'deeply sorry' for letting police officers use restroom

  1. This kind of BS is getting way the F out of hand. Delicate little snowflakes are being allowed to dictate and undermine what used to constitute common courtesy and basic respect for fellow human beings. If these are our future leaders, we truly are [email protected]&$ed!

    Sent from deep behind enemy lines in the liberal bastion of Denver, Co.

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  2. It's a [D] city, right? Can't the police just **** and **** on the sidewalk like everyone else?
  3. Does this Leftist elevator to Hell not have a bottom floor? I am only asking because I seem to have been riding in this thing for several weeks too long.
  4. Election year. They're throwing a fit because they are losing. Expect one thing after another til November. Look how fast Dems have destroyed this country in 3 months. It's not on accident.
  5. Just do what the protesters do and piss on the street. Ever smell parts of Boston on a hot muggy night?
  6. Cowards
  7. Brain damaged short bus window licking hypocrites...
  8. P u s s y liberals.
  9. If the facility wasn't even open to students why would they even care? Absolutely insane....
  10. I agree completely, it is just the polite and nice thing to do. Someone using a restroom doesn't harm anyone else be they regular citizen or police officer.

    Stay safe, Emily
  11. I think all police should go on strike, everywhere. Let the ungrateful SCUMBAG people of this nation see what happens. You filthy communists will be begging to serve fast food to a cop, or let them use your bathroom. I just can't F'in believe what is going on.
  12. When they have a killing on campus, let the sociology department investigate it and counsel the offender.
  13. my question on all this happening . are the police forces made of some other thing than humans?
    this is all stupid. sure there are things to be adjusted that should have been taking care decades ago. but now these people want no law. criminal want to be able to do what they do best with consequences. I say NO.
  14. Blue Lives Matter !
  15. Let's not even extend the decency of allowing human beings access to basic sanitary facilities because of their profession. How is that not discrimination? Just sick.

    So what would have happened if some whack-a-doo waltzed into the facility and started shooting up the crowd? Would they allow the police to enter then? I suppose they would have to apologize for allowing the cops to enter, take out the shooter, and save people, because the presence of heroes would have triggered the snowflakes.

    Aren't there ANY decent, reality-believing, sensible, truth-loving people left in this world in positions of influence? This bass-ackwards, extremist, absolutist, totalitarian, deranged, groupthink, etc. is so out of control and we continue to tolerate it. Enough is enough already.
  16. They were upset that the officer did not just go in the street like they do.
  17. That crossed my mind. An episode of "Blue Flu" responding to all requests for help. Tell the citizens (it's a shame the good/innocent may have to suffer due to the stupid) to get a dog or a bat or a pointed stick and save themselves.
  18. Ridiculous. What rational person would feel the need to apologize for allowing someone to use the restroom who is stationed near your campus during times of civil unrest?
  19. Next time they have an emergency, they can call some else.