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So about a week and a half ago I found out about Training Mask, a company in Cadillac, Michigan who makes exactly what they're know for. Well I came across their VENT mask that uses N99 filters for air filtration. So since I've had extra money lately due to pay up ahead on bills (I'm an essential employee so I haven't been out of work) I decided to pull the trigger on one and purchase one. Well it came early this week and I must say it seems pretty effective and by looks of the filter after about 5 to 6 uses it looks like it works pretty well. So if you need a proper mask for these times the go to and check out the VENT mask if any are still in stock. Comes with 10 filters with an option to order more, which I did. View attachment 741456 View attachment 741456 View attachment 741456
1 - 2 of 2 Posts