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Marry Christmas to me for the wife

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It's been awhile since I have posted here.... health not as good as I would like it to be... but anyway here is my Christmas from the wife surprised the **** out of me this year.....

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Thanks for all the get wells

I was diagnosed with stage 3 esophagus cancer March of 2017 went through 6 weeks of chemo and radiation tumor broke off and some how ended up in my hip... so now it is called stage 4

Sept 22 surgery in hip to remove tumor
Sept 29 surgery to remove my esophagus and a 3 week hospital stay
Nov 15 starts more radiation on my hip
Dec 5 starts 3 months of chemo

I just saw you age on your profile page. I'm not that far off, dealing with reflux / Gerd and a couple more issues. Not diagnosed yet but will go to docs this year. I made major lifestyle changes several years back in order to improve my symptoms, and because I don't have the guts for any kind of bad news.

Somehow I grew up with this expectation that we all have 75 years of fun, maybe 5 years of a little struggle and bye bye at 80. I was a kid for way too long, I guess.

I wish you all the best. You are not alone, keep fighting, maybe you'll be able to add a few alternative treatments or changes, and hang around in our little reloader group if you feel like it. Plenty of good people here.

I'll pray for you, if you don't mind.
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