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Marlin Model 39 Century LTD

  1. I decided to post this here, instead of the rimfire forum, as it may have more views/replies.

    Moderator: Feel free to move as appropriate.

    Anyway, the rifle is a .22 lever-action that is so similar to the 1897 Cowboy .22, except that it has a 20” octagonal barrel and no checkering on the furniture.

    In other words, an octagonal-barreled “Mountie” with a brass buttplate and fore-end cap.

    Serial number 233xx, so it looks like it was manufactured in 1972. Marlin supposedly used a numerical system from approximately 1969-1973, with the first digit of the serial number denoting the year of manufature.

    I don’t have any photos yet, as my Father found it on consignment at a gun shop in a small town in Michigan (I live in Oklahoma) and he put it in layaway this morning.

    Price is $700 USD, and is apparently in excellent condition. My Father knows firearms, so I can believe him.

    Good price?

    Any personal knowledge of this particular model?

    Edited to add serial number information.
  2. Picture? Preferably with a dollar bill? :outtahere:
  3. No photo yet, as the rifle is in Michigan and I am in Oklahoma.

    You will have to rely on stock photos until the rifle is shipped to me.

    when it arrives, I will be more than happy to accommodate.

    Yes, I will include a $2 dollar bill for scale.
  4. Marlin 39s are great rifles.

    Yours sounds like one of the better editions.

    Congratulations. Be sure to post pictures and a range review when the time is right.
  5. 5FD6CF25-43E8-4E5B-8FE3-F3EF13772D09.jpeg

    This is a photo taken by an employee of my LGS of my Marlin just after it arrived in Tulsa from Michigan.

    Apparently, it is absolutely gorgeous! I hope to pick it up within the next couple of days.

    More photos to follow once I take delivery.
  6. With all things considered, I think $700 is an excellent price for this particular gun in this condition.

    New 39’s are now only available at the “Marlin Custom shop” for around $3000. :alex: Even a shooter grade 39 in average condition will bring $500 now or more.

    Congratulations! I think you did well.
  7. Very nice!

    I have a Winchester .22 lever, myself.
  8. OV1, just curious where in Michigan did you get that rifle?
    That is a beauty. More pics please when you get it.
  9. Marlin put out several different commemorative model 39's over the years. I remember the Mountie and a Buffalo Bill commemorative being offered. Very nice find.