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Marlin 795 vs Marlin 981

  1. good day sir. i hope i can pick your minds on a dilemma im facing. locally, 2 lang ang medyo matino na 22lr rifle available.... marlin 795 and the marlin 981.

    the marlin 795 is the semi auto and the marlin 981 is the bolt action type.

    any feedbacks and comments on the 2 rifles? alin ang mas ok dito? ok lang ako either semi auto or bolt action. the rifle will be used primarily for plinking. may pagpipilian ba ako sa dalawa o wag nalang?

    would a 3.5-10x40mm illuminated reticle riflescope suit me for my needs? sorry but i know nothing about scopes. the scope i am referring about is this..... [​IMG]

    for your reference, these are the rifles i am referring about....

    Marlin 795

    Marlin 981

    thanks in advance.

    by the way, the marlin 795 costs Php15,750. the marlin 981 costs Php 19,050.
  2. I have this. Accurate at 50 yds using Remington brick ammo. I have yet to try other ammo at 75 yds. I prefer magazine type over tube type magazine, assuming you can buy extra mags there. IMO, your scope is overkill but really cool.

  3. thanks. what rifle do you have? my friend owns the scope. he is selling it to me at a price i cant refuse. can someone tell me about that particular scope too? thanks again
  4. semi-auto: mas enjoy because you can unload a clip as fast as you can pull the trigger. downside-waste of ammo if you tend to do "spray and play", you need extra magazines (not a problem if it's available readily).

    bolt action: tends to be more accurate than semi's. you get discipline of not wasting ammo. from the picture, it looks like tube fed so no need for magazines.

    for me, i'll pick the bolt action.

    what store offers marlin?

    for the scope, rimfire like 22lr has a flat trajectory of just 50 yards, more than that the bullet starts to drop. You need to have a scope with a parallax setting of 50 yards. most scopes are set at 100 yards (that is frequently used by centerfire) or get a scope with adjustable objective so that you can adjust the parallax depending on the distance you want to shoot.
  5. yes, it is a tube magazine. if i remember correctly, i think it can hold 19 rounds of lr. the marlin 795 has a 10-round clip. the shop does not sell marlin magazines.

    i also heard bolt actions are more accurate. at what distance does the accuracy of different types of rifles start to make a difference?

    the rifles are available at pb dionisio.

    the bolt action 981 enjoys a slightly longer barrel.... around 4". is this a big difference? the marlin 795 has an 18" barrel while the marlin 981 has a 22" barrel.

    thanks. keep them coming.
  6. accuracy deteriorates after 50 yards for a 22 lr.

    bolt action tends to have better accuracy more than 50 yards compared to semi's

    they say that a 22 lr reaches its maximum velocity in 16 inch barrel length. so a longer barrel length doesn't make much difference. example, Ruger 10/22 aftermarket barrels with 16", 18", 22" have the same accuracy.
  7. thanks for the tips dok. how big the difference are we talking about in terms of accuracy for the bolt action vs semi auto after 50yards? any idea? im asking coz my intended use might be good enough for a semi auto.

    50 yards is about 150feet. thats approximately a 15-floor building? i think i dont intend to shoot longer than that. being able to shoot at a hundred yards would be cool though.

    i read in another forum that marlin 795s are a better shooter out of the box than ruger 10/22s. true?

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of getting the marlin 795 in stainless?

  8. Marlin are very good and fun shooters. As for customization, Ruger 10/22 ang sikat dito dahil sa dami ng parts. Whatever you want with a rifle, the Ruger can easily address it because of the abundance of parts (stocks, barrels, fire controls, etc.).

    Stainless is a good choice for corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning.

    If you are too serious about .22 lr's, look for Anschutz.

    You can also try the Cz-452 series. very good performance at a little pricier than the Marlins. Price is nearer to Rugers.

    If you feel like being a little patriotic, the Armscors are very good shooters for the price.

    If you need an experimental scope, I have an unused almost new ZOS 3-9x40 illuminated scope that I'm selling for P 3,500. Pasensya ka na sa shameless plug.:supergrin:
  9. and it shoots well. Very close to 795, but 18" heavy barrel.

    i put a BSA 3-10x44 Catseye euro reticle scope on it. (cheap! :) )

    VERY HAPPY. buying another one. mags are possible, don't know about importing them, here 15$. ( 10 round nickel) marlin part # 707135


    shoots very nicely, with bulk remington golden bullet 36 grain ammo.
  10. thanks for all your responses. i want a good and cheap .22 rifle out of the box for plinking purposes, possibly hunting and training. for the price ill be paying to buy an anschutz, i would rather buy an m16 or an m14. those are my thoughts.

    it's good to hear about the positive reviews of marlin 795s coz it's available locally. i was also looking at ruger 10/22s and cz but they arent available locally. arent the marlins choosy on ammo? i plan to put just local armscor bullets on them.

    re the scope, ill wait for my friend's scope like the one in the picture i posted above. if he decides to keep it, i might be interested of your scope. pls send me an actual pic of your scope at [email protected]. thanks

    pls keep your comments coming.
  11. Bisoy,

    Try Twin Pines. They sell 10/22s. 10/22s have lots of aftermarket parts and you won't regret owning one.
  12. we don't have one in my city. i made a few rounds on our local gunshops and only the marlins are avaiable locally by one of the branches of pb dionisio.

    i dont mean to put the 10/22 down but i read marlins are better out of the box. if customization/upgrades are to be considered, the 10/22s are the 1911s of the rifle world. however, i dont intend to spend much on my rifle. ill just put a scope and buy a few spare magazines and thats it. is buying the marlin is a bad choice?

  13. Bisoy,

    I have both the Marlin 795 and the Ruger 10/22. The Marlins don't have much aftermarket accessories except for scopes, scope mounts, slings and extra clips unlike the 10/22. But it shoots really well. I like the feature which holds the bolt open on the last shot (not available on the 10/22) as well as the easier to manipulate bolt release. The rifle is a lot lighter too with the synthetic stock which comes as standard. I have been using Armscor bullets in both the Marlin and Ruger and haven't had problems with them. Just make sure you use the High velocity rounds (copper coated heads) and not the standard velocity (lead colored heads) as these might not cycle properly in semi auto rifles.
  14. Here's a pic of my 795 and the 10/22. The only add-on's I have for the 795 were the Bushnell scope and the "see-through" scope mounts. The 10/22 on the other hand has had a hammer and spring upgrade from power customs as well as an extended magazine release, a flash suppressor, recoil buffer, a flash light and a laser and the crappy bullpup kit which only makes the plinker look mean. I was also able to get 25 round butler creek magazines for the 10/22 and am still on the look-out for a folding stock.

  15. That's a Marlin Model 25N 22LR. The new model 925 have an adjustable trigger.
  16. thanks for your responses. i guess i will not go wrong with the 795. the pb dionisio branch here does not give gun show discounts on their rifle coz we're not in manila. hahahaha pilosopo rin sya ah.

    pls keep your comments coming. thanks
  17. are scopes allowed in planes?

    when my cousin tried to send me his scope thru LBC, it was put on hold at the airport after it was scanned through the xray machine. the LBC office did accept it though. hmmm.... can someone pls explain why scopes are banned from planes?
  18. 9MX attached a link a long time ago. Try searching for his old post or send him a PM.
  19. cnt find his post. if anyone remembers it, pls repost it. meantime, ill PM 9mx. thanks for the heads up