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Mark 7 Revolution

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So watching some shot show videos I saw one about this. Is it just me or does this thing look almost too good to be true, even at what has to be an insane price point. This, even at say 800 rounds an hour, is unbelievable overkill for just about any 1 person. I can see a large family who needs 5000 rounds a month or say 20 people get together and buy one and spread the cost out. 3-4 days and I could have all the ammo I would need in a year. If it really is as good as it's made to seem this thing is an absolute 1050 killer for those that want auto drive and have very deep pockets.
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I have been running a Mark 7 1050 PRO for 2 years no with no issues other than having to blow the dust off the deprimer sensor every 1500 pieces or so with air. In fact, it was one of the first 10 1050 PROs out there. I stopped by their location an picked it up. It had the Mark 7 X motor on it, but Jay shipped me the PRO motor a week later when they arrived.

I load 9mm for my subguns, and can easily sustain 1500rds per hour. I can do bursts over 2000/hr. I usually run it at 1500-1800 for loading. I prep 223 at up to 2400 pieces per hour.
I am really happy with my machine.

The revolution looks great, but out of my price range. I want them to put an automatic primer feeder out for the 1050
I would love to have a 1050 version of the automatic primer feeder!

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