Mardi Gras

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    a coon-ass cajun went to Mardi Gras for the first time, and went to a hotel to get a room. The desk clerk laughed, and said, "My Cajun friend, every hotel in N'orlins has been booked solid for weeks. Some folks make reservations a year in advance!"
    "Wal, I tell you whut. I'll take any room, me...I don' care if it got a dam' 'gator in it, I'll take it, mah fren'!"
    "There are NO rooms!" the clerk repeated.
    "Now, hold on, Brother! You mean t' tell me that if th' POPE was to come here fer Mardi Gras, an' he got no reservation, you wouldn' have no room fer him?"
    "Well, of course we would!"
    "Wal, the Pope, him ain't comin', so you can gimme HIS room, you!"