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Now 50% Poorer!
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Damn. I really have got some bills to pay.

Some deals on some great blades. I will accept reaonable offers on most of these. I am not looking for any trades at this time other than Strider folders, Strider WP's, or Strider MFS's.

May be more FS to follow.

Thanks in advance for looking. PM or email me with questions, offers. A posting claiming an "I'll take" it takes precedence... it is yours!

Prices include shipping - split ppal fees

Up for sale:


BlackJack TrailGuide $135
Wood handle, Leather Sheath

Dalton Vendetta $170
Orange handle

Bob Dozier NY Special, $215
inverted carry kydex shth

James Brothers Cheyenne $425
Cocabola scales, Bronzed bolsters Tanto, Teardrop fullers

Microtech SOCOM Elite $225

Combat Elite Level 3-Black Spearpoint $275
Combat Elite Level 3-Gray/Bl tanto $275
Ti Handles, G10 overlays, zipper pouch

Spyderco Persian $90
Has box
Spyderco Renegade $90
Has box

UZI Defender Auto NIB Made in USA $145

Microtech CLEAR LUDT - Stonewash Microtech CLEAR LUDT-Black blade
Benchmade 42S titanium handle bali. Sold

DDR Apogee - Large -M/A GONE

Microtech Terzuola ATCF, Hand ground GONE

Randall King Micro Stryker WAS $70, now $60

Rob Simonich Bitterroot GONE

~~~ Pic to follow ~~~
Small damascus necker GONE
Marked RN, leather sheath
Strider NSN SMF #099 - SOLD

Mark Terrell "unamed" Tactical GONE

~~~ pic to follow ~~~~
Spyderco Terzuola C-15 SOLD
G10, Rare. Been used

Hubertus Dagger GONE

Mudbone Jones~ Field knife DELISTED
Leather sheath, Stag Handles

Now 50% Poorer!
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Final Price cuts!!!!

SHIPPING INCLUDED!!!! PayPal paid by me

Bob Dozier NY Special - $200
Dalton Vendetta STILL $170- Traded Orange for Blue handled. Pic to follow!!
James Brothers Cheyenne NOW $400
Microtech SOCOM Elite NOW $215
Combat Elite Level 3-Spearpoint Still $265
Spyderco Persian $75
UZI Defender Auto NIB now $130
Randall King Micro Stryker: Back up for sale- drop price to $60

Mudbone Jones~HAND MADE knife Not for sale
BlackJack TrailGuide Off to eBay
Hubertus Dagger SOLD
Bob Dozier Ark Toothpick (not pictured) SOLD
Spyderco Renegade SOLD
Combat Elite Level 3-tanto SOLD
Small damascus necker SOLD
Spyderco Terzuola C-15 SOLD

Now 50% Poorer!
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The Randall King Micro Stryker is back up for sale.

I'll drop the price to $60 to get her movin.

The Dalton is swapped for a BLUE handled Vendetta. I will post a pic when I get it.

Thanks, Dan
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