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Man I wish someone could invent black stainless steel.

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I know that sounds a bit silly, but I do wish that someone could invent a stainless steel that was black. You think with modern technologies we could create such a steel though some molecular process or another. I do not mean coated black. I mean black all the way through. If you sanded it down it would still be black. It wouldn't have to be a deep black. Just black-ish.

The reason is I love the look of black and blued guns. I know everyone thinks I love stainless because of how it looks but that is not true. I prefer a nice blued gun as far as looks go. It would be so nice to have a black gun that could be maintained as easily as stainless.

The reason I only buy stainless has nothing to do with appearance. It is about durability and repairability. Growing up very poor I was always made to realize how important it was to maintain things you owned. We could not afford replacements. I also seldom had anything new and when I did I tried to keep it that way. As a consequence I have a weird thing about keeping my things in like new condition. Stainless allows me to do that. What would be a simple wear mark on a blued gun for someone else would be a glaring reminder that the gun is now imperfect for my screwed up brain.
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You could have a SS gun coated in black nickel I think.
I agree that black looks better than stainless but worn black looks the best imo!

I also grew up poor and learned to take very good care of what I had. I can remember how every mark and scratch got on my first gun and it only makes me appreciate it more.

Guns and knives that show some wear are far more interesting than those that look brand new!
I presume that you're referring to steel that is "inherently" black...and not coated?

'cuz my M&P9c is "black stainless steel"...
I presume that you're referring to steel that is "inherently" black...and not coated?

'cuz my M&P9c is "black stainless steel"...
Yes, that is why I stated I wanted a black steel you could sand down and it would still be black. :)
I'm curious but any of you people ever sectionalize a piece of carbon steel before?

here's a big hint: it ain't black throughout!!!
You want metal treated with a femto-second pulse laser... how 'bout a black platinum wedding band?

Wait until this goes large scale... they will do stealth aircraft with it.

But for guns, there is the Kimber Eclipse series, probably not what you had in mind.
thats still not going to be a chunk of solid black metal,

almost everything is a surface coating,

even the deepest blueing can be polished off
I bet you CAN get "black steel"

But at the same time, I bet it'd be too brittle to use in a firearms application?

I mean, wrought iron and pig iron are black through and through... And it's only a few % of other ingredients that make something "stainless steel"...

I'm obviously no metallurgist nor chemist, though. On the surface of it, I'd say that it certainly SOUNDS like it could be done anyhow. Might even BE done for all I know?

Another thing to consider that is IF it can be done / IS being done in certain applications...that the cost is high and the manufacturing all boutique steels are.

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