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Man Catches Burglar In His House

  1. I can't believe that the guy didn't open up a huge can of whoopass on the crook, but instead gives him a "good scolding". (video at link)


    Shocking moment man, 26, catches a burglar inside his home - and forces him to hand back his money
    • An unidentified man, 26, captured a homeless burglar attempting to rob his family's home on Thursday
    • The suspect, identified as Robert Hopkins, 52, reportedly broke into the family's home and stole the victim's wallet
    • The victim confronted Hopkins and lectured him about stealing from his family
    • Hopkins sobbed throughout the altercation and admitted it was his first time burglarizing someone's home
    • The victim, who was in his underwear during the ordeal, agreed to not press charges against Hopkins because he returned the stolen items
    • The New York Police Department charged Hopkins with several crimes, including criminal trespass, burglary and grand larceny
    A New York City man in his underwear caught a burglar who broke into his home, but decided to not press charges after giving the weeping crook a lecture.

    On Thursday, an unidentified Queens man was sleeping inside his home when he awoke to a burglar rummaging through his family's belongings.

    In cell phone footage, the unidentified man is detaining the suspect, identified as Robert Hopkins, a 52-year-old homeless man, on the dining room floor while family members watch from a nearby staircase.

    'How’d you feel, if you’re waking up to a f****** man robbing your s***?' the victim says. 'I’m sleeping, you f****** robbing me?!'

    The victim's mother, who wished to not be identified, told New York Daily News that her son sustained injuries during the altercation and is in 'shock.'

    'He’s in shock. His whole body is bruised very badly. The guy had a knife,' she said.

    'My whole family was in danger,' the mother said, adding that her young daughters were also in the home.

    Hopkins begins hysterically sobbing as the 26-year-old victim begins to lecture him about attempting to burglarize his family's home.

  2. It's over right there. Someone in my home, with a knife? Not going to play 20 Questions. Mag dump followed by a reload.
  3. Before or after the scolding?
  4. I am Hard of Hearing. I don't wear my Hearing Aids while I sleep. Someone could come in and take everything I own while I would be peacefully sleeping away.
    That's why I have a Wife. She has FOUR DOGS. I don't worry about it.
    The "Victim" was a cool dude. Kudos to him.
  5. I'm too old to scuffle with knife-wielding burglars who are in my home.
  6. Someone just posted on fb what to consider before shooting an intruder in your home. Law legalize. You need to be a lawyer to interpret it. Republic of Illinois.
  7. him be dead if it was me.
  8. Not in NY, homeowner most likely has never even held a gun....