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Man arrested for impersonating officer founder of cop watchdog website

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I wonder if the FCC could jack him up.
It's illegal to run wireless microphones on 800 mHz band after it was reallocated to Public safety, and 600mHz is being phased out to wireless mics to give TV/cell phone providers more bandwidth. So I'd say yes...

Probably additional charges for unauthorized use of authorized equipment that would normally be legal on that band.


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Nothing worse than a busted beaver........


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That’s funny chit right there!! Haha!

I had an inmate like that. He hated cops. Cops never did anything to him. Later i found out the he had failed the psych exam...... twice.
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That was funny.

Quoted from the article:
Beavers' parents said deputies played them the radio call but they're not convinced it's their son.

The sheriff's office called the interference "potentially dangerous."

"They may have some audio stating that is Jonathan, but you actually have to prove Jonathan actually mashed that button and that button wasn't mashed accidentally," said Milton Beavers.

So they're 'not convinced' it's their son based on hearing the audio of the radio call... ...but then his father goes on to say (paraphrased) "You have to prove that Jonathan actually keyed the transmitter, and that it was not keyed accidentally".

Sounds to me like he just acknowledged that his son has radio gear that can transmit on the police bands. I don't know what those frequencies are, but I'm going to bet that they're NOT part of the legal amateur radio spectrum, so not only is he illegal law enforcement-wise, he's illegal FCC-wise too (especially if he IS a Ham, which I somehow doubt). I can sort of see having a police band receiver, but having a transmitter is a whole 'nother ball of wax!!

Hope Jr. goes away for a while for his shenanigans.

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