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Malwarebytes worked for me....

  1. I thought one had to purchase it before using it to remove malware but I guess that is no longer the case.

    This XP computer had all kinds of pop ups that wouldn't quit.

    Ran MB. It found 1145 infections. Deleted them and the system then worked fine.

    Thanks all.
  2. Saved my tail many times.
    I was so happy I bought the pay version.
  3. the only complaint I have is that the screen saver won't kick in, no matter what I set it to and I've set up hundreds...
  4. Download AVG - a free antivirus program - to keep from getting infected again.

    Schedule it to run a scan once a week (it prompts you to do this when you install it)

    Both AVG & Malwarebytes are very good!
  5. Well, of course it did, did you think we were all suggesting it because it "might" work? ;)

    I don't buy software often but, I have a paid for version of MBAM.

    PS, Antivirus usually won't fix fraudware or, usually, keep you from getting infected since the fraudware isn't a "virus" per se.

    Use FireFox to browse and get a little more dilligent (or teach those you support to do so) about your surfing habits.
  6. Try the Avira CD also. It will scan the system with Windows not running.


    If you have a blank CD, download the file in download link above. The instructions are there too. Write the CD, which it does when the program is run, and reboot the PC to the CD.
  7. This was for a computer I was refurbishing. I've been on the Internet from the beginning and have NEVER had serious malware infect my computer.