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Making room in my Gun Safe (NONE ARE GLOCKS)

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I Just dont have space, I moved from a home into a condo. Even my gun safe needs a diet. I'll post pictures in a day or two and attach prices then as well.

1. WWII Arisaka Rifle Type 99 7.7 with bayonet and scabbard
(it is in very good shape) I had 2 but only shot the other one that wasnt as nice. $500

2. WWII 1917 Enfeild Eddystone 30-06
(it was my shooter I had 2, extremely accurate but the stock is less than desired) if your not familiar with the weapon it's like it had two forends and the extreme foward one is missing. $250

3. Mossberg 500E .410 gauge pump shotgun wood stock is very nice $200

4. Beretta 21A 22lr all black in very good shape rarely ever used $200

5. Remington 11-87 Premier 12 gauge semi auto (almost mint) $500
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The safe will be full even if I sell a couple toys therfore not for sale. I'm still at work answering from my iphone so I havent had a chance to price them or photograph them. I wanted to check responses before I put them on another website.

The 11-87 is a 3 inch chamber.

The Beretta will go for $200

And first to meet with cash have priority.
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