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    Anybody have any input as to what should or should not be included on my resume? I know the basics but I can't seem to find any example pilot resumes.

    I've seen some resumes with things like "Related course work" listed under the college degree, would you include something like this? I majored in Aeronautical Science and minored in Business at ERAU so I would put things like:

    Aerodynamics, Aircraft Performance, Aircraft Systems and Components, Global Navigation, Flight Physiology, Meteorology, Aviation Legislation, Economics, Marketing, Accounting

    Would this be good information to include or is it overkill?

    I listed my certs and ratings as:
    Commercial Pilot, ASEL and AMEL
    Instrument Rating
    First-Class Medical

    How detailed should I get when I break down my flight time? (I don't have much now but I'm sending this to a company that I have a bit of a connection with so I'd like to get any position there just to get my foot in the door, but I'll explain that on the cover letter, not the resume.) So far I have my flight time divided into:

    Total Time, Pilot-in-Command, Multi-Engine, Single-Engine, Complex, Actual Instrument, Simulated Instrument,Cross-Country, that order. What would you do?

    Also, what non-flight information should I include? I'm thinking of other professional skills (sales, computer-related skills, etc)

    I know this post is a little bit scatter-brained but any input would be greatly appreciated.
    :) ;c