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Magazines and the Glock 29sf

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I have found a note saying the standard G 29 magazines will not work in the SF...How do you tell if the magazine will work without just trying it?

I buy usually on line, but I have yet to find a specific 29sf magazine listed?

(I just bought this 29sf today on line, after a great time at Front Sight with my G20c last week) I really enjoy the 10mm. (But people have always claimed there was a screw loose somewhere).

So educate me. :faint:
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There are no SF magazines.

All glock 29 magazines will work in your 29SF.
The moniker 'SF' is often wrongly used to describe the newest magazines that have the rectangular cutout on the front of the mag tube that is needed so the mag can be used in Glocks that have the 'Ambi' mag catch/release.

Mag with the ambi cutout:

The only Glocks in the US that have the ambi catch are SOME (not all) of the G21SF's. Which makes those G21SF's the only Glocks in the US that require the use of the newest mags.

Like Passive said, all G29 mags (and G20 mags) will fit in your G29.

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