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Magazine interchangeable between 40 & 357 ?

  1. As I mentioned in a recent thread, I am thinking of buying a factory G32 barrel for my 2006 G23.
    I wanted to check with you folks whether my 13rd G23 magazines can be used for the 357 Sig ammo or whether I need to get G32 magazines?

    My guess is they're OK to use - but I don't like guessing.

    Thanks in advance for your replies.
  2. The .357 Sig rounds will work fine in the .40 magazines, you are good to go, just drop the .357 Sig barrel in.
  3. Thanks, Ranger.

    I also have Sig Sauer P320 9mm carry/compact/sub compact pistol with a full size 40 caliber exchange kit and 40 cal magazines. I looked into buying a full length 357 Sig Barrel for that platform. Unfortunately the barrel alone costs $189 versus $125 for the factory Glock 32 Barrel.
    I don't know if I want to spend $64 more for a P320 barrel for another caliber I may not use often.

    However - it's good to have choices!
  4. Please, if you're not trolling - use the search feature. This question is asked at least once a month.
  5. Yeah, you got me. I'm a troll - a member since 2/16/2003.

    The time you took to post your suggestion you could have answered the question. Better still, ignored the thread.
    I guess somebody always has to play hall monitor.

    At the Colt Forum and the S&W Forum we get asked basic questions dozens of times a day. We usually just take turns answering them.
    Makes an old member like me feel very welcome here.
  6. The magazines are interchangeable on the Gen 3 models.
  7. I have read there is some difference in followers or the 357. I have a gen 3 G23 that I use a 357 barrel and my 40 cal mags and have never had a bobble.
  8. Ranger1968, hannstv, unit1069,
    Thank you for for your replies.
  9. I’ve had no problems with my gen 4 31/22 mags.
    I have 100% confidence.
  10. BTW, my G23 is Gen3, made in '06. I checked w/Glock and then they emailed me the store manual order form that requires my SN.

    I forgot to ask them about magazine interchangeability - my mistake.
  11. I've taken my turn. I said please. I didn't say you were a troll. What more do you want? I'm a member of S&W forum also, BTW. I usually do ignore most repetitive posts here and everywhere else online but damn... Give your wife/GF/dog/cat a hug and breathe.
  12. You certainly did ask me if I was a troll, here's your quote above.

    Please just stay off the thread. That is "what more I could want".
  13. Do it all the time with no problems
  14. Thanks, Buster.
  15. Since the title was generic specifying only caliber; I simple change the barrel in my G22 between 40 & 357, and use the same magazines. No problems yet with either caliber...

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  16. Magazine Followers Rev. 9 for 40SW and Rev. 3 for 357SIG are identical except for markings.

    The latest Magazine Followers Rev. 10 for 40SW and Rev. 4 for 357SIG are identical except for markings.

    Prior to that, there were obvious and significant differences between 40SW and 357SIG Glock Magazine Followers.

    None of this has anything to do with pre-Gen4 vs. Gen4 Magazines and pistols. For all calibers, a pre-Gen4 Magazine will NOT work in a Gen4 or Gen5 pistol that has its Magazine Catch on the right side. A Gen4 Magazine is universal and works everywhere.
  17. I use OEM .357 Sig mags in my Gen3 G27 along with the OEM G33 barrel.
  18. I have had almost no issues using a spread of Gen 2, 3, and 4 mags in my G23.4 converted with an OEM 357 Sig barrel.

    I had one FTF in about a 600 rounds (of 357 Sig).

    (I have had 2 FTFs in about a 1,000 rounds of 40)