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mag springs for glock 26

  1. ang magazine spring ba nung glock 26 (with the 5171 + baseplate) is the same as the spring for glock 17? sa wolff kasi ang benta nilang spring for the mags ng 26 and 17 the same lang eh.

    and the 33 rounder, kung mangailangan man ako nang replacement spring, meron din ba dito nito?

    mentioning the baseplate, sabi sa glockmeister +2 daw dapat ito, pero hanggang 11 lang kasya eh, sikip na nga nung pang 11 linoload. yung may mga 26, ganun din ba yung mags niyo? thanks in advance.
  2. I encountered one mag that loads 11 only and afterwhich its very difficult to put that 12th round. Though I also have a g26 mag that easily loaded the 12th round. As a theory, perhaps the spring just needs to work itself and allow that 12th round eventually in place. I believe the g17 springs are too long for the g26mags unless, though I am not sure of this, wolff is marketing them wherein you can cut the springs to length to allow it for us on the g26 mags.
  3. I have the same baseplate (5171 +) I can only put in one extra round. No way can it fit 12 rounds.
  4. I cant see any number on mine but its got a + sign on it. It fits 2 additional rounds though.