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Made My Last House Payment Today

  1. That's all..... :banana: :banana:
  2. Congratulations.
  3. Congratulations Sir, that's gotta feel good.
  4. :cheers:
  5. Good job!!!!!
  6. Congratulations.
  7. Yay you.
  8. Yea
  9. Great. Save some money and buy more property that cash flows.
  10. Congrats. It's a shame you'll have to continue to pay rent...errr...property taxes.
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  12. Excellent! On baby step 7 now, for ya!
  13. That’s awesome, J! :cheers:
  14. Sweet! Celebrate and get yourself a big old hog of a gun!
  15. Make sure that you have your mortgage - which means death pledge - released at the clerk's office so the lien on your property disappears.
  16. Excellent! Mortgage payment were such an integral part of our lives that when we paid off years ago, we just kept writing the check...to our Roths and mutual funds. We will retire well. HH
  17. :broccoli::devildance::dancing:
  18. congratulations! A great feeling to pay off your home.

    Hollowhead has great advice, whether it’s going to a retirement fund or a nest egg to replace roof, HVAC, etc...as the need arises, it’s very smart to save for a rainy day if at all possible.
  19. He didn’t say it was paid off, he just said he made his last payment. :D

    Seriously, congratulations. :)
  20. Congrats
  21. Good job!!!
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  23. Congratulations. That's a great feeling.
  24. Congratulations. I'm officially jealous.

  25. As I've always done I'm thinking a little bigger, been doing some research on buying a small bulldozer.

  26. My daughter and her husband bought a house in 2012 - they have been doing the double and triple payment thing - in 2 years they will be at a point they think they will just pay off the balance.

    Anyway - I told her she should have a mortgage burning party when they get it paid off -

    She had never heard of one - and I will admit - I knew a few people that had them way back - but I have not heard of one for a really long time.

    I guess the new cool thing is to HELOC the heck out of any equity - or keep moving and buying a higher cost home.

    Sad in a way - the American dream is just to have massive debt.
  27. Yeah buddy!!
  28. Congrats! Mortgage burning party!!:cheers:
  29. Good on you!
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  32. Woo-hoo!! Way to go!
  33. That's gotta feel nice.
  34. Congratulations! Feels good doesn't it.
  35. Congrats.
  36. :runaroundsayingwhoot:
  37. Thats a big deal.
  38. Congrats.
  39. Congrats!
  40. Congratulations, Rinspeed!!!

    Are you certainly settled? Content with the digs for the duration? And is the significant other likewise satisfied? Favorite child live at some distance from you, or has the subject of a gated resort community with services (golf, pool, gym, restaurant and bar) ever come up?

    I only ask, because when I hear someone claiming they've made their last house payment, my usual response is to congratulate them, but conditionally. Because for many the better response would be:

    That's what you think.
  41. That's a nice milestone in life. Celebrate!
  42. Congratulations! The same time next month you'll wonder "what am I going to do with this couple of $thousand$ (or whatever your mortgage $$$ was) going forward?"

    Been there in 2006 or 2007. All of a sudden, a freed up $2300 a month. It felt great that first month. Then realized it was time to put that amount away towards the kids' college funds! LOL There's always another expense around the corner!!!!

    You've only stopped paying Peter to pay Paul. Congrats nevertheless.
  43. Congrats! I'll be there soon. 12 more for me.
  44. ROFLMAO!!!
  45. Oh BABY!
    thumbs up.jpg
  46. I've been paid off for 6-7 years.................:dancingbanana:
  47. Nice going! Feels good, don't it. Now, no matter what else happens, you got a roof over your head and something that no body can take from you. Enjoy that. It's freedom.
  48. Congratulations! Well done.
  49. Congratulations! :aodnsb: I made my last about 5 years ago. It’s great! Don’t blow all that extra money you’re saving. It just gets absorbed like :outtahere:if you’re not careful.
  50. Congratulations, great feeling isn’t it!