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M4A1 Carbine Upgrades Could Make One Lucky Company Very Happy

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Enter the M4A1+ program. In an eight-point announcement, the U.S. Army described how they want to take the current M4A1 and make it better:

  • Extending the forward rails to 12 inches, to facilitate straight-arm shooting.
  • Adding room for more attachments on the carbine (e.g laser sights, flashlights, bipods).
  • Making front and rear iron sights removable (to save a little weight).
  • Adding a floating barrel to decrease vibration and improve accuracy.
  • Requiring proof that the new design is more accurate (enabling a five-inch grouping at 600 meters).
  • Adding a flash suppressor.
  • Adding an optional ultra-sensitive, single-stage sniper trigger.
At this time, it's hard to say who might win the contract. Chances seem good thatGeneral Dynamics and Smith & Wesson , which have teamed up to bid on the Army's Modular Handgun System contract already, will take a shot. Potentially, newly spun-off shooting accessories company Vista Outdoor , which makesBushnell gun optics, will compete as well.

With the smallest of these companies, Smith & Wesson, doing $550 million in annual business already, all of them have the size and business scale to handle a contract as big as the M4A1+. At the same time, a win for Smith & Wesson would be a very big deal, potentially doubling annual revenues.

Conversely, General Dynamics or Vista Outdoor (doing $31 billion and $2 billion in annual business, respectively, according to S&P Capital IQ) would see less of a transformative gain from winning a contract of this size -- but their own size and scale of operations might give them an advantage in the bidding.
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Very interesting.

The "improvements" to the M4A1 are the basic things that current AR15 companies have been doing for years. It is odd that there's no mention of a mid-length gas system.

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It is odd that there's no mention of a mid-length gas system.
I's definitely "softer" shooting...not that 5.56 is bad.

There was a discernible difference when my buddy (20" bbl with rifle length gas tube) and I (16" bbl with mid-length gas tube) went to the range. My rifle was definitely not as "soft".

It' would be an interesting comparison to have all three at the range at one time.

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If they're expecting <1 MOA accuracy, they're in for a disappointment.
Yeah I think they are smoking some good crack if they expect less than 1 moa at 600 meters. Maybe 1 5.56 load they currently have is able to shoot a group like that.
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