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M4 RAM paintball gun + more

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by glocktoys, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. glocktoys


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    Jan 27, 2001
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    I'm selling my M4 Ram Paintball Marker and all my accessories. Got a new job and just won't have time to enjoy this toy anymore... Here's the details:


    The M4 RAM is a full auto paintball marker that replicates the look and feel of an actual M4/M16/AR15 Rifle. This marker was designed primarily for law enforcement training but has been adopted by those in the paintball community who crave "ultra-realism" and for mil-sim / scenario games. The RAM uses 20 round clips to hold balls instead of a hopper. Each ball is encased in a plastic or metal "shell" which ejects when the marker is fired, just a like a real M4! These shells can be re-used.

    It should be noted that the M4 RAM is a much more gas effecient marker than most others. The very small 30gram CO2 tank costs only about $1.00 to fill and will last all day.


    - 1 M4 RAM full auto Paintball Marker (has collapisible stock that covers 30gram CO2 tanks that woorks)
    - 1 .43 Cal Barrel
    - 2 20 Round Clips
    - 80+ .43 Cal Paintballs (w/ shells) some boxes of plastic some metal
    - 2 30gram CO2 Tank
    - 1 M4 RAM Carrying Bag (assult rifle case, holds 4 mags and sholder handle)
    - 3 Spare Parts / Lube Kit
    - 1 pressure switxh laser aimer
    - 1 sressure flashlight(mini mag) w/barrel mount
    - 1 aimpoint halo dot sight
    - 1 9ox CO2 tank
    - ? extra metal and plastic shells
    - 1 VCD on how to opperat and clean marke (plays on dvd player or computer)
    - 1 book of instructions
    - 1 military sling


    This is a really fun marker. If you're sick of the toy-like feel of most traditional markers, you will love the M4 RAM. The lack of a hopper and the stock integrated CO2 tank make this gun an absolute joy to use. The look on your friend's faces when you pull this out of it's bag are priceless...

    If you'd like additional information about the M4 RAM, I suggest you check out They not only sell M4 RAMs and accessories, but they have a great user forum where you can talk with other M4 RAM owners. also the carry handle is removeable for scope mount and weighs the same as the M-4. also opperation is the same as the M-4 (takedown and dissasembaly).

    Total for this is $575 +shipping, you choose and pay how to get it to you. email me for pics or info. thanks and i have $900+ invested in this just no time to play here any more
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    May 15, 2003