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    Aug 15, 2004
    As some of the last Marines to go through Parris Island in an M1 Recruit Series, we learned a few tricks that were to bring down the wrath of the training cadre a few weeks later at Infantry training in Camp LeJeune.

    The first was the toothpaste trick. This involved getting your hands on someone's rifle (Fred was a good target), and running toothpaste down the bore. The result was a very exciting presentation of the rifle during inspection. The last movement of the inspection presentation involved a brisk slap of the bottom of the stock with the left hand. This resulted in a fine cloud of dried toothpaste issuing out of the receiver, much to the chagrine of Fred, the astonishment of the inspecting officer, and the sheer delight of the rest of the platoon. Fred was never the same, but his rifle never had tooth problems.

    The other was the flying accelerator adventure. This required getting Fred's rifle and disassembling then reassembling it, leaving the accelerator out. This gizmo slides down a guide into the receiver, but when it's put in last, it's not secured with the rest of the moving parts. The result is that when the bolt is flung open with proper inspection enthusiasm, the accelerator flies out of the receiver, landing ten or twenty feet away. Inspecting officers really hated this. We were only able to inflict this on Fred once, as he was a quick learner. It was a regular practice of anyone within range of Fred to see him gingerly open the bolt before inspections. To this day, over forty-five years later, I can't understand why Fred doesn't answer my telephone calls.