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M&P9 M2.0 Metal Frame PC Competitor

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I picked up my new M&P M2.0 Metal yesterday. I cleaned it and installed the Trujicon SRO on it when I brought it home.

When I opened the Manual to look up what plate to use with the SRO, the manual was bifurcated between my standard M2.0 Metal and a new Performance Center competition gun with extended lightened cut slide, extended mag release and a mag well.

Here's a picture of the new (as yet unannounced) gun.

Trigger Font Gun barrel Air gun Gun accessory

My initial take on the standard 4.25" barreled M2.0 Metal is solid. Comes with 2 standard 17 round magazines. Feels just like a polymer 2.0 5" in hand. Same interchangeable palm swells and front strap texture. Looks to be very high quality. Very thick gray CeraCoat on slide and aluminum frame.

New trigger has an over travel adjustment and very short reset. Trigger break is crisp and breaks about 4 lbs reset is audible. It seems like it should be great to shoot fast.

Only issue with the trigger was a little, not quite gritiness but not smooth take up. After the take up it was perfect. Totally smooth now that I worked it over a little.

1. Polished & lube the top of the trigger bar that lifts the Striker Block.

2. Polished the trigger bar and slide lock bat where the trigger bar flops down against the slide lock bar and lined it.

3. Replaced the Striker block with an Apex USB after cleaning the channel it rides in. This probably didn't make any/much difference since the Performance Center CORE that donated the USB felt still felt slick with the new Striker block.

4. Thin coat of Tetra grease where the trigger bar engages the sear.

Nearly perfect combat/run & gun trigger now.

I'm running it in an IDPA match tomorrow. Should be interesting. I zeroed the Optics but haven't done any other manipulation or training w it.
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Gun ran 100%. Operator not as much. 9th overall.

After shooting well worn Apex triggers, there were a few times I thought I had a malfunction, just from the added pressure required. I'm not sure it slowed me down, I just had a mental shift from watching the dot bob.

I also had one slide lock reload delay (Perhaps 1/2 second) where I didn't have my stage plan committed to memory and didn't recognize the weight shift of the locked slide compared to a polymer. To be fair, the dead trigger reset should have been enough, but I took some months off to let a melanoma Graft on my nose take. (Plus the sun was in my eyes)
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