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M&P 45 Police Trade-ins

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Local shop has a few M&P .45 full size (no safety) police trade-ins for $329 and it includes 3 10-round mags. The ones I looked at looked pretty good. I've never owned an M&P. At that price, it was hard to resist...but I managed.
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I'm torn between "it's such a good deal" and "I have nearly every .45acp Glock makes, a 1911, and a Sig 227...what would I do with it that something I already have doesn't to better?"
Follow your instinct. You can get to a point where getting a great deal is secondary to filling a real need or want in your gun herd. If it doesn't call out to you, take a pass until something new does. JMHO of course, that's my current mindset.
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