M&P 357c...range report. Some like it hot....

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    ....but I don't!! I know it is all relative, but temps in the upper 80's is about as far as I go before looking for air conditioned activities. Well, it was in the upper 80's and humid on this ranger trip. The auxiliary range was in use so I set up at the main handgun range which, due to the parking and pavilion layout, means extra steps. By the time I set the range up with my steels, I was almost not wanting to shoot! almost....
    After a little shade and a little powerade, I broke out the handguns. The second pistol on the docket was my S&W M&Pc in 357Sig and the first load up was LAX Ammunition - 125g - RNFP. I had shot the reloaded version of this offering but this is listed as NEW. Here are the first three shots on paper at 14 yards:

    M&Pc LAX paper.jpg

    I wasn't using the magazine pictured above for the paper target tho'... I actually had the flush mag in for the first shots! I went round and round the steels then... and ended up going 8 fer 8 on this 18 yard steel:

    M&Pc LAX steel more.jpg

    I missed once on the other 18 yard steel going 7/8:

    M&Pc LAX round steel more.jpg

    I hit a paltry 50% on the gong at 25 yards going 5-10:

    M&Pc LAX gong more.jpg

    Every round fed, fired and ejected perfectly! Getting to the end of my LAX stash and I wouldn't hesitate to buy more....it has worked well for me! Here is the Knockdown target at 33 yards and I hit it a respectable 3 outta 4!!:

    M&Pc LAX KD more.jpg

    The brighter colored paint may have made the targets easier to pick up, as I did OK at a full 50 yards as well....connecting on 11 of 14 shots:

    M&Pc LAX far steel more.jpg

    This gun feel great in my hand no matter the magazine option: Flush magazine, magazine with pinkie extension or full size M&P mag with x-grip adapter. And I love the sights - bright and easy to pick up.
    Next load up was SBR (Southern Ballistics Research) - 125g - HP. If you have read my other reports.....you know what follows. This stuff does not shoot well....but I have a lot of it I need to get rid of soooo.... First three shots on paper at 14 yards:

    M&Pc SBR paper.jpg

    A close up of the one hole and you can see the bullet was tumbling when it hit:

    M&Pc SBR keyhole.jpg

    Don't know what SBR did or didn't do but this stuff has not worked well in one pistol.
    I actually hit one 18 yard steel on the first shot but it took me 8 shots before connecting once on the other 18 yard steel. I amazingly hit the gong on the first shot but it took me 7 shots to hit the knockdown. Then another surprise to hit the 50 yard steel on the first shot!
    So 18 shots to hit five steels once. Next time around, it took me seven shots on each 18 yard steel to get a hit and then the last 12 shots went towards the 25 yard gong with NO hits!
    Every round did feed, fire and eject OK so perfect function with the pistol on the day:

    Totals for the gun:

    357Sig: 1,345 rounds representing 26 offerings
    40S&W: 50 rounds representing 1 offering

    Parting shot - M&Pc in Haugen crossdraw Holster! Don't know if Haugen Holsters are in business anymore but this is a thing of beauty!

    M&Pc Haugen holster.jpg
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    great read as always...love to see others enjoy the 357c as much as I do...mine (bought preowned) also has a .40 S&W barrel but I've never tried it...I may just give it a go this weekend

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    That little compac looks good! Thanks for sharing!
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