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M-22 Thoughts / Opinions

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Hi everyone!

I bought my 23C a few years ago, but I don't get in to the range as much as I'd like (.40 ammo isn't cheap!)

So just picked up an ISSC M-22 this week. LOVED how similar it felt to my 23 so figured it was the perfect range / training pistol.

I know there are differences too, so before I head out with it, I'd like to hear if anyone has some feedback, suggestions, criticisms, etc.

My first thought, sorta a PITA loading the mag. Any suggestions there? I've read only loading 9 vs 10 might help with misfires, but I haevn't even taken it out yet, so don't even know if that'll be an issue.

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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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