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Lynnwood, WA. library woman with shotgun (active shooter)

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by MauG27, Jan 25, 2016.

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    Sep 13, 2008
    Check this out, I frequent this library on a weekly basis. I’m usually buying their “withdrawn” books at bargain basement prices.

    I haven’t gone there in the last few weeks because the recent NFL playoffs are on both weekend days. I feel astonished & perplexed ‘cuz my mind is wheeling with the “what if…” scenario.

    Here’s the thing, I CCW every time I visit.

    My thoughts:

    1. If I was OUTSIDE the parking lot and in my car just hanging out (I usually scan the book I just snagged for .50 cents and smirk knowing that was an AWESOME deal.) I would’ve dialed 911 on my cell & possibly run across the street to the Lynnwood PD. (100 yards)
    2. If I was caught INSIDE the library….well, unless she’s pointing the shotgun at me I’d get the eff outta there!
    3. If I was caught INSIDE the library…I’d pull the fire alarm and get the eff outta there!
    4. If I was caught INSIDE the library…and she decides to shoot me…well, I’d go down fighting.

    What do y’all think? A lot of crazies out there. You just never know.

    Police: Mentally ill woman with loaded shotgun causes scare at Lynnwood Library
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    LYNNWOOD, Wash. -- A woman with mental health issues ran into the Lynnwood Library with a dog and loaded shotgun, prompting an evacuation of the building and a brief standoff on Sunday, the Lynnwood Police Department said.

    Witnesses ran across the street to the Lynnwood Police Department shortly before noon, and reported the woman claimed her life was in danger.

    When police arrived, they found "a number" of people running out of the library, and about 30 to 40 people outside. Library staff pointed the officers to where the woman was, and officers continued to clear the building.

    Lynnwood sergeant Jerry Riener was inside the library, and was confronted by the woman.

    "We came around the corner, clearing an open area, when a female walked out of a back office area with a shotgun on her," Riener told KOMO News. "She looked at us, we began ordering her to put the shotgun down, and she just stood there for a minute looking at us, then she froze."

    Riener and other officers repeatedly yelled, "Drop the shotgun or you will be shot!" She initially did not respond to officers, Riener said, but the shotgun was pointing towards the ground.

    "Think about how long it'd take her to raise her arm, that's the amount of time it takes to point, and you don't have to be a really good shot with a shotgun," Riener said. "Depending on what rounds you're using, it's a gun that sprays a lot more bullets out there."

    Muttering, the woman asked whether or not they really were police officers. Riener assured the woman they were with the police department, and asked her to put the shotgun on the ground.

    "We were hunkered down, so that if a shot was made by her there were things - lots of books around - to absorb the bullets," Riener said.

    The woman said "okay" and put the shotgun down. She then went on to tell officers she needed protection, and that various people were after her.

    Officers checked to make sure the woman had no other weapons, and she was taken into custody without incident.

    The library was canvassed to make sure there were no other shooters, or injuries.

    The woman's identity has not been made public, and it is unclear how she obtained the gun. Officers said the woman is known within the department, and after her statements, she may have delusions or other mental health issues.

    Police believe her hallucinations are what led her to carry the weapon into the library.

    "It became very apparent that something wasn't right with her," Riener said. "Even when she had the gun she wasn't even looking directly at us, she was looking at a wall."

    Riener recounted the moments he came face-to-face with the woman in an interview with KOMO News radio.

    "I never recall dealing with as many people with mental health issues as I do today," Riener said. "The problem with a person with a mental health issue is they're not reacting with the norms that are expected. So, if we can do something to keep them relaxed and not bring that gun up, that's in my interest too."

    Riener said that it was a combination of training and instinct that helped keep a potential tragedy at bay.

    "I don't want to shoot somebody. If I have to I would, but I'm there to help people," Riener said. "I'm not a psychiatrist, I'm not a psychologist, I'm a police officer."

    The woman has been booked temporarily into the Lynnwood jail until a determination of what charges she may face can be made.

    Lynnwood Library, located at 19200 44th Avenue W, closed for the remainder of the day and will reopen with normal hours on Monday.
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