Lower and rifle setup and tuning options

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    Dec 10, 2009
    The lowers are getting close so I thought I would tell you what we have planned as far as tuning lowers/rifles.

    We will have 2 systems, "standard" lower or rifle setup for hunters and casual users to keep the cost down, they will have a standard buffer and spring and would work with almost any firearm, there will be trigger options, grip, stock etc.

    The "professional" lower/ rifle will have an H2 buffer, a SSS spring or the stronger "Tactical Springs" buffer spring and a better grade LPK in addition to the normal options.
    The upper will be tuned to run with the lower containing the upgraded spring and buffer. The extra strength spring and buffer will allow the rifle to continue to run even when hot and dirty.

    The only issue may come if uppers and lowers are switched, if an upper is tuned to run correctly on a strong lower it could be over gassed when run on a standard lower.

    The gas port of the barrel will be drilled to the correct size to match the choice of lower.
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