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Harris Combative Strategies
Defensive Concepts for Low Light Environments

Date: Saturday March 21
Time: 5PM - 12AM Eastern Time
Location: The Ridge Dayton TN. (
Price $160 ($50 Deposit to hold spot - See details below).
Instructor: Randy Harris
Instructor Bio

This class will cover some critical skills which include shooting with and without the help of flashlights in low or no light. We will work both proactively challenging unknown potential threats and also reacting to unexpected close range attacks in low light settings. You will see just how much light you really need to accurately shoot by and how much light you actually need to ID targets. We will also cover manipulating the pistol in the dark both with and without a light in our hands. We will load , unload and clear malfunctions with and without flashlights. A fair amount of time will also be devoted to using the flashlight as a tool to help you get deselected in the "pre fight interview" , use the light as a distraction device and impact weapon, and as a bridge from less lethal to lethal force.

Range Gear and requirements : Handheld flashlight (Surefire 6P, G2, Streamlight Scorpion or similar). Extra batteries. Pistol and holster designed to be worn on the belt. Two spare mags (3 total minimum) and a mag pouch. Range Safety gear (eye and ear protection) . Clothing appropriate for weather. Snacks and drinks. You are welcome to bring something to eat for dinner. There are also several close fast food places like Taco Bell or Subway to grab something if you chose to do that during our dinner break.

Ammo: Approximately 250 rounds.

If you have a weapon mounted light for your pistol and want to use it for some drills then please bring it too. If your carry pistol has a light that is fine too just make sure it fits your holster. If you have a "blue gun" or airsoft gun and training knife or inert "trainer" pepper spray you want to bring feel free to do so. We will be doing some interactive exercises where students will play the role of both good guys and bad guys to get a better feel for just what each experiences when the techniques are applied in low light. If you don't see it from both sides you only know about half of what is going on.

Payments in full can be made through Eventbrite. http://

I can also take a $50 deposit through either Venmo, Paypal or by check mailed to me. A $50 deposit will hold a spot for you in this class. Balance due at class. You are also welcome to pay in full in advance too. We are limiting it to 16 students. To register or for more info either PM me here at TGO or email me at [email protected].

Deposit Payments can be made with a check (contact Randy for details) or through...

Venmo at
Paypal at [email protected] (friends & family option)
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