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Low Cost CREE Lights...What's Out There?

Discussion in 'The Okie Corral' started by Nalapombu, May 1, 2012.

  1. Nalapombu

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    Oct 21, 1999
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    Hey all,

    This last thread with the AA size CREE light at $8 surprised me. Everyone that bought one really seems to like them. I'd like to try one and maybe some of the other "low cost" CREE lights that I seen listed on those sites.

    I am not a flashlight nut, I have a couple including a Surefire 6P, but those batteries are too expensive to use it very much. Instead I use a MiniMag 3AA LED light that I really like that zooms and is really bright for what you'd think.

    These videos and writeups of these CREE lights that are prices at under $20 make me think that I am using a candle.

    Other than this latest one that's AA sized, I'd like to maybe try one that I can take pig hunting with me or keep in the house for nighttime situations or emergencies. I'd like it to have some throw and a focus beam would be awesome. I wouldn't mind one of these lights that have different power levels.

    So what have you all tried that works well? I'm curious as to how good these lights are. Are they really that powerful and able to withstand bumps and scrapes and still put out? I don't want to rely on the "reviews" I see on the sites that sell them, to them every light they have is outstanding.

    So what would you recommend in the low cost CREE lights?

    Thanks for the help.

  2. Folsom_Prison

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    May 2, 2010
    Love my fenix!!

    Honestly I'd take it over my streamlights!

    [ame=""]Fenix E21 Flashlight:Amazon:Sports & Outdoors@@AMEPARAM@@[/ame]

  3. Sporaticus

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    Feb 28, 2003
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    Picking a model at is hard to do because there are so many. I don't know if anyone else sells them.

    I have 4 of the Hugsby P2, and was stunned by how bright it was to run off one AA battery. Of course, everyone has their own opinion. I also have a 3 Ultra Fire, and 1 or more Romisen, but they use more than one battery, IIRC.

    I've been very happy with Cree lights. One slick feature they often incorporate is the ability to use different batteries. They have lived a life of brutality and have come through fine (of course now I'll drop one today and it will break). But they are not weapon mounted lights.