Love in the classifieds section...ding dong...

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    Mar 18, 2002
    Bear with me...I'll tell this as best as I remember it...
    A young woman, absolutely stunning in beauty and build, has been single for quite some time. She confides in a friend who tells her that she should place an ad in the classified section telling exactly what she wants in a man. So, she places an add saying, "25 year old woman, 36D-24-36 blonde hair, blue eyes, passionate and fun loving seeks a man who will not beat up on me, run out on me if things get a little rocky, must please me daily in the bedroom." She gets response after response, but no one seems right until one day the doorbell rings. On her front step is a fella with no arms and no legs. She takes one look at him only dismiss him in that he couldn't possibly meet her needs. She asks him how he can be serious in responding to this add. He says, "first, I have no arms, and therefore, I can't beat you up. Next, I have no legs, so I can't possibly run out on you when things get rocky. Last, I can pleasure you in the bedroom like no other man can." She said, "how can you possibly please me in the bedroom?" To this, the limbless man replies, "how do you think I rang the doorbell?"