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Lousy Taurus Service Rant - Continued

  1. I bought a new Taurus Spectrum in January; fired 9 rounds, total jamomatic. Sent back to Taurus for warranty repair. They received it on 1/29/20. Checked repair status on 3/3/20, was told it would take 12 weeks to review it. Called them today 6/9/20. Was told they have not looked at it yet and have no idea when they will get to it. Four and 1/2 months and no action. Be forewarned that Taurus warranty service is beyond horrible. They give a new meaning to the word incompetent.
  2. They probably have a ton of warranty work....probably equal to the exact number of firearms they sell.
  3. Sorry to see this!

    Hopefully my newly purchased G3 will be okay. 200 rounds through it so far so good.
  4. Thanks for the heads up, I recently purchased a TX22 and so far it has been flawless(did I just read that somewhere):dunno:
  5. Sorry about your problems, but........
    Why would anyone buy a Taurus and expect anything different? They have a horrible reputation for both quality and service. And for every model they make there is a known better alternative.
    Now come the posts about "I have a Taurus with a million rounds through it and it has been flawless".
  6. Holding it till the warranty expires?
  7. Had a taurus tracker in 357 years ago. Ended up sending it in for repair after a few weeks as the cylinder wouldn't line up. They sent it back in a couple weeks with a note saying "replaced missing part". What!!? I called them and they just said there was a part missing, but couldn't tell me what. This was a brand new gun!

    Fired it for a couple more months, it proved to be very accurate, then it wouldn't fire. Hammer spring broke. Sent it back. Got repaired. Got returned and traded it in for a real gun. Never looked back.

    Taurus is hit or miss . One either likes them or hates them. Best of luck with yours.
  8. Taurus' CS and QC have always been terrible, yet people continue to buy their products.
  9. I remember asking why anyone would ever even consider a Taurus Spectrum when cheap, better alternatives are readily available.
  10. Sent off a M85 for timing issues, got back a M85 with timing issues. Sits at the bottom of the locker.
  11. I'd be raising hell and demand my damn gun back...

  12. Mine too, but I am well prepared psychologically for when it breaks. With the things I have read about their CS, I am ready for the worst.

    This is why I got a G44, for now they are both running extremely well, but I have no doubts in my mind as to which one will bite the proverbial dust first.
  13. Two times with a RB for timing and spraying. I never got the accuracy I wanted.

    I see they have a new ultra light .38+P out, pity but I dont trust them.
  14. In my experience the only pistol they ever made that was decent was their copy of the Beretta 92.
  15. I would say that Taurus quality in general has gotten better recently. That doesn't seem to apply, however, to the Spectrum. Functional ones seem to be about as common as unicorns. And Taurus customer service has always sucked. That seems unlikely to change. If I had the misfortune of owning a Spectrum, I'd trade it in at my LGS for something more reliable, like a Hi Point.
  16. For decades people have been saying "Taurus quality has improved". If it had improved over that period of time the way people say, they would be as good as Swiss Sigs.
    They have always sucked overall, and nothing has changed. Sure, they turn out a good model once in a while, but why gamble on such a bad company to save a few dollars?
  17. No surprise from my experience and endless reports here. If it’s a good gun, you’re good to go, if it’s not, you’re really going to regret it.
  18. I launched recoil spring on a Taurus I owned for a very short time in 2003... I called them and 13 days later they sent a replacement... the wrong replacement... but a replacement none the less... 17 years later I am technically still waiting for the correct spring to be shipped... Needless to say I sourced the spring through other methods and swore off Taurus a long time ago.
  19. Yeah but you can buy three Taurus for what you pay for a "status symbol" over priced Glock and they are just as good, if not better, according to YouTube reviews of those who have put 200 flawless rounds through a Taurus pistol and some super uber tactical YouTube celebrity guy James somebody who did a highly rigorous test on them that shamed FBI testing protocol.
  20. Almost the exact same thing has happened - and is still happening to me. Like you, I obtained a part from a 3rd party, something that fit S&Ws also. So many of Taurus parts are not available from other sources. I gave Taurus CS more than a fair chance to prove they are better than their reputation. They aren't.
  21. I ordered some magazines from them about 5-6 years ago. Still haven't rec'd them. I called every couple of weeks to start with and then every couple of months for over a year. Finally just gave up.
  22. I know in some states, there is a "Lemon Law" relating to new car purchases - criteria is something like 30 days in the shop in the first year of ownership - Is there such a thing for guns?
  23. My Taurus 1911 works well, with FMJ. Not with Gold Dots. I'm not a big 1911 guy, so the FMJ is fine.

    What I like is how the gun has all the ergonomic stuff, for an affordable package. Seemed like other companies were twice as much for a 1911 that felt good in the hand. The Taurus feels great and is a pleasure to shoot.
  24. 'Sorry for your troubles. I haven't owned but two Taurus products over the course of 35 years (sold a PT 99AFS back in '89 and purchased the one below for a song in 2016, and both work(ed) well), so I guess I've effectively reduced the odds of becoming a disgruntled purchaser:
    I hope you get the issues resolved with the pistol and can move on without being excessively bitter about the experience.
  25. I wish I could say I told you so, but I haven't had the opportunity yet. They have one of the best warranty's with the worst accompanying service on the market. I've now told you so. Hopefully they get you taken care of soon.
  26. Yes that is a good one. Not as smooth as the Beretta, but very solid from my experience
  27. The G2 and so far the TX22 seem decent, but they have made more crap recently than just the Spectrum.

    Ever see the Curve?
  28. :animlol:

    Yeah definitely a sad state of affairs. Those videos always make me laugh.
  29. It's a silly design, but I really don't know anything about its reliability. Probably because they only sold four or five and anyone who purchased one is too embarrassed to admit it. I don't think it is being made anymore.
  30. I haven't been saying it for decades and I still think that recently they've improved significantly. That being said, I'm still not advocating for them. I have a TX-22 that's been great, but I purchased it knowing that if it had issues, I'd probably be stuck with them. It was worth the gamble because for the price, it is unique in its features and I could afford the risk. If down the road it turns out to be crap, I'll trade it in and get something else.

    Most of their other models aren't at all unique in their features and one can find something similar at a similar price point from a company that offers better customer service, so in that respect, I agree that a Taurus may not be worth the gamble.

    Bottom line is that it is hard to have much sympathy for someone who purchases a firearm with a three year track record for poor reliability from a company with a decades long track record for abysmal customer service.
  31. Wildly inconsistent quality and wildly inconsistent warranty service have been the rule with Taurus since day one. You may get a gun that runs great for years and years or you might get one that's messed up straight from the factory and can never be made right. Most of 'em are somewhere in the middle.

    This is not a secret. The most rudimentary of Internet searching reveals this, but I suppose every purchaser thinks he'll be one of the lucky ones.
  32. Man, I've been told right here on this forum how Taurus was equal to all the big boys.
  33. I don’t think it is. I only ever saw and handled one. Besides being goofy, it was Saturday night special-like from a quality and construction standpoint.

    Says a lot about a company that would release something like that on the market. Pretty sad
  34. The first 5 words of the OP’s post says it all. :)
  35. 9 months to get a 9mm revolver back because of light strikes. Revolver was free as was the repair so could have cared less but it definitely isn't Ruger turn around speed.
  36. I have never had any problems with Taurus guns, or their customer service. Then again, I never bought, or would buy, any gun with their name on it.
  37. i carry a taurus g2c and it has been perfect,not one malfunction.
  38. When the Glock 44 came out all of the TX22 fans proclaimed how great the Taurus was. This thread is in agreement with what I though about Taurus. OP, I hope you get your support to fix your pistol!
  39. While it is obvious Taurus has had issues in the past, there are many reviews from well known and respected people that show it to be much more reliable these days.

    The reviews on the G3 are why I decided to give it a try. 200 rounds so far so good with American Eagle ammo. Not anywhere near as nice as my Sig, but good enough for a desk gun at work. For $249 it is hard to beat for someone that wanted high capacity 9mm with a manual safety option.
  40. Well, so far, they haven't been proved wrong about the TX-22.
  41. My only Taurus first hand was with a snub nose 38, never had any issues.

    I’m guessing their revolvers are a safer bet than their autos. Honestly I was eyeing one of their four inch seven shot 357’s recently, 400 bucks. That’s kinda steep for one of their products though imo considering the track record.
  42. I agree with above, call them back and raise holy hell
  43. This thread just reminded me to clean my G2C. I have over 2K rounds through it now and still trouble free.
  44. Longbow,

    What brand of ammo do you usually carry/practice with? I have about 350 various makes of rounds through mine. Steel case chokes mine on occasion, and Winchester USA Forged doesn't load in my magazines at all well. About seven to eight rounds and no more in a twelve round magazine. Never shot any of it however.

    A variety of premiim HP self defence rounds and name brand brass works flawlessly. Remington "white box" occasionally does not go into battery, so no more "bargain brass", period.

    Going to try some SB and Fiocchi ball for rangework, and carry premium HP for "serious" work. No problems at all with "old school" Starfire, Russian steel case, Hurtenburger (truncated lead soft nose) or premium HP.

    Thanks for your input.


    Sad to see more Taurus repair time problems reported. It seems from online reports QC and turnaround is fair to good.

    My G2C carries like it is on someone else's belt! Love mine so far.

    Old Secessh
  45. I carry it with 124 gr HST's. I have tried Golden Sabers, Corbon's and Liberty Defense on it. The G2C ate them all with no issues.
    My practice ammo is usually my reloads or any of those cheap steel case ammo, except USA Forged brand. It does not like the USA Forged brand as well. That is the only ammo that induced a jam. To be fair my custom 1911, Keltec SUB2K and BHP clones had experienced a jam on that ammo also.

    This cheap-o gun really impressed me, so I bought another one. Both guns are very reliable.
  46. I'm in a similar situation, but at least your gun is only on it's first trip in. I'm up to two for the same issue. If you rely on this gun, don't.
  47. "Taurus' CS and QC have always been terrible, yet people continue to buy their products."

    I agree. They have had CS and QC problems since day one.
  48. Had a Taurus PT92 back in the early 1990s. Shot well and fairly accurate and I owned it for 25 years. Had to send it in for warranty work (lifetime warranty). This is after I had a million and one rounds through the gun. Just joking.

    But seriously, Taurus was great all through the warrenty process. If I remember correctly it took less than two weeks to get it back. Just calling it out as I see them. Enjoy and be safe.

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  49. Mine ate the 124 HST too, and that is my carry round.

    It does NOT like el cheap_o steel cased ammo, so am going to try SB, or Fiocchi ammo for practice. If that feeds as well as the other like HST and StarFire did, i will consider it good to go.

    Thanks for the info. Always good to ask another owner/user about functioning issues and ammo choices.

    In you debt,

    Old Secessh