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Louisville, KY braces for Annoucement

  1. I hope Cameron does the right thing here. There will be huge backlash either way I do not envy his position
  2. I hope he does the LAWFUL thing. It meets the letter of the law or it doesn’t. If you and I were in a position of being indicted for murder, we would both want what the law allows or not allows, not what someone feels is “the right thing to do”. All that aside, Louisville will burn no matter what the decision is.
  3. Welcome to the jungle.
  4. I`m guessing more BurningLootingMurdering on the way ???
  5. Get the NG ready and stage them down-town
  6. Do you think that anyone will learn anything from this like, if you have a warrant for your arrest the people you are physically close to are in danger?

    or maybe, you deserve better than to date people that have active warrants because there are many, many downsides?
  7. Hope the officers are able to get refund if they made deposit for vacation.
    People rioting, looting, vandalizing, when they don't like something is crap.
  8. Seriously? Considering charges? Officers were SHOT at.

    Want to avoid getting killed in this fashion? don't hang with criminals. It's that simple.
  9. You are correct, but the BLM supporters and sympathizers will be happy with nothing less than the officers heads on a platter.
  10. I read it was likely that the case was being presented to a grand jury, which would either indict or not. And you know what they say about that.

  11. There is a difference between a "regular" Grand Jury presentation by the DA, where they generally rubber stamp what is presented to them and a situation where an officer has used deadly force. The DA then presents his (or her) findings, and the Grand Jury makes the decision.
  12. So pretty much, whatever happens, the Leftist thug forces are going to pour into the street like an oozing flood of explosive diarrhea and drive the remnants of civilization, law, and order down the pipes, all in the name of a ghetto tramp with an IQ slightly above room temperature who handled the money for a criminal syndicate and who shacked up with the sort of man mommas are supposed to warn you about and dads are supposed to chase away with a shotgun.
  13. Ohh we are in 100% agreement i just wanted to point out the unenviable position he is in.
  14. Most prosecutors bristle at the "Ham Sandwish" comment. They will insist that ethics guides their work and they generally take it seriously.
  15. Yeah well, I was a prosecutor, for 5 years. Never presented indictments to grand jury, our elected boss insisted only he do that (it was literally the only thing he did do, and all the work had to be prepped and perfect for him in advance). But it's pretty simple .. the defense is not present.
  16. I'd imagine Reaper's comment was tinged with a bit of sarcasm, considering he just retired after about three decades of this bull****, lol.

    By the way, if you're ever around west TN, hit me up. You're much too principled to have been a prosecutor.
  17. Yeah the brother is in a position. But, if the LMPD broke the law, then he will bring them to justice. Most officers will back him on that. Now if there’s no indictments, or there is a trial and acquittal, then it’s gonna burn.
  18. ^^^This^^^ 100% correct in your summary.
  19. As is most often the case, “innocent” Breonna Taylor is NOT so innocent after all. Leading gangs, calling shots, moving product and cash, servicing the gang. She was neck deep up in it from what I’ve seen of the year long investigation prior to the raid.
    Did she deserve to be shot? Maybe, maybe not. But when you run with the criminal element, it’s the chance one takes. Or, play stupid games and win certain prizes.
  20. No announcement yet.

    Rumor is a 7:00 PM happening. Maybe, we'll see........
  21. Hadn't considered the possibility of a snark angle to that @ReaPer105 post, good point and well taken. I wasn't trying to be argumentative, just making the point that the grand jury hears the case from the perspective which the prosecutor presents it. And there is no rebuttal. When a 'no true bill' happens, it's usually what the prosecutor intended in the first place.
  22. Hummmm....

    I have a meeting there Friday.....
  23. Can I give you a shopping list? Asking for a friend....
  24. Why would someone do this at 7:00pm shortly before dark? Why not 6:30am? Give police as much light as possible to deal with the situation. And how many of these people are awake then anyways?
  25. the skum that will fill the streets need to be dealt with...........

    with extreme action
  26. I know Daniel Cameron. One thing I am sure of is that he will follow the law and do what the law and the totality of the evidence, currently known only to him and the grand jury, says should be done. Whatever his decision, I will honor it because I believe him to be a man of integrity.
  27. From what I heard today on the radio report she was far from the model citizen that Burn Loot Murder portray her as. Imagine that.​
  28. I think they want to get normal people out of downtown.
  29. Lol, sarcasm can often be lost in the written word.

    I don't wanna speak for him, but he's a fellow (retired) officer and more importantly, a fellow duck hunter. I'd bet money he's clowning about his former dealings with prosecutors.

    I did have a couple of decent ones, but generally speaking, I disliked my prosecutors. We were supposed to be on the same side, but they'd give a sweetheart deal to a lifetime lover, just to get a conviction.

    Defense attorneys on the other hand, I worked well with. They were just doing their job when trying to plea a case down and never got personal with me. Can't blame them for giving the best defense possible, as that's exactly what the law requires. Prosecutors, on the other hand....would sell you and your work out for a cheap win to make themselves look better.

    If I may, what branch of law did you find yourself in after leaving criminal work? You're much too conservative for defense stuff and based off your posts (you're one of my faves), I can't see you doing tort or corporate work.
  30. I lost the prosecuting job due to a change in political administration, shortly after took a job in the state capitol working for the Attorney General's office. That was in 2003. I intended to stick around for 2-3 years until I got to know some folks in the biz, then hook up with a private defense firm. But we had our third child in Sept 2005, and he was severely impaired. It's called Rett syndrome, very bad. It took him from us at 23mo., and by the time I had processed/grieved the best I could, I was too deep in with the state retirement to give it up. I transferred (still with Attorney General) to a job representing the DMV in license revocation litigation, 99% of which involves DUI. It's 'prosecution lite.' I've been doing that the last 10 years, but early this year our legislature eliminated the bifurcated process, so that revocations now depend only on whether there's a criminal conviction. By June of next year, I need a new job. I only need about 3 years for the full retirement, so I'm not in a good spot right now.
  31. Dude.

    That sucks. I can't imagine going through the loss of a child. My prayers are with you, because that's not something that ever heals right.

    Back to the job - three years out and you can't find a job on the retirement system. That's bull****. Hope it goes well for you.
  32. In 2018 we drove 12 hours to KY and had the pleasure of attending 3 racing days @ CD in Louisville, taking in the yearling sale @ Keeneland near Lex and touring Hill'N'Dale and Windstar Farms. 2019 found us back in KY for 4 racing days @ Keeneland and touring Claiborne Farm. Dreams come true . Bucket list items checked off.

    To know what is going on in that great state now is beyond infuriating. Until cities take a strong hand like they did after natural disasters a generation ago proclaiming that looters WILL BE shot, nothing will change and will get worse.

    In my perfect world authorities use Apache gunships and mow down the human excrement burning, looting , murdering, etc like my old Poulan rider cuts down weeds.
  33. I don’t know him personally but I can see his is a great man like you say. I respect him very much. You can tell he is not a politician but a man who believes in truth and justice.
  34. I hope you find something to get you through to retirement when the options open up. Maybe get in on that opioid litigation. That should last another decade or so.
  35. Trump's numbers are preparing to rise.

    BTW, the only reason people are outraged and will riot is because the media has been lying to them about how Breonna Taylor was an angel instead of a drug dealer dating another drug dealer.
  36. I'm sorry man, for real, that sucks. :(

  37. Yeah it ****ed me & my wife up. I don't see any point in denying it. But there's no plan B to jump to, you have to get up and make coffee, and you're still you in the mirror. I've got two other kids that needed dad to keep making dinero, which sounds like a burden but I guess it helped with the whole 'having a purpose' thing. The oldest, adopted stepson from my wife's first marriage, looks like he's going career enlisted USAF. He's in his sixth year and got married a couple years ago, so I think he's in for the duration now. His call. Our daughter is 17yo, bilingual in English & Japanese, her end of semester grades have been straight A's since 7th grade, and this year she got into the National Honors Orchestra on violin (which, unfortunately the event got cancelled due to Covid, but the thing is she made the cut.) Doing ok, in the totality of the circumstances.

    Something'll work out. I know some people who know some people. :thumbsup:

    Love you too, man.
    giphy (2).gif

    Thank you guys, the above and anyone else who had kind words or thoughts. But it's off topic .... what's happening in Louisville??!??
  38. Nothing yet. When it kicks off, I'm sure I'll hear about it and will keep the collective informed.

    Obviously, I have a lot of friends and former colleagues up there who will be in the middle of all this crap. It's been very tempting to put my philosophy to the test....that is, "There are few problems in life that can't be solved with a baseball bat and ski mask".

    If things get bad enough, I may risk a trip up there. Worst case is, I go visit my old employer on an involuntary basis, lol.
  39. Count on it.
  40. I always said road flares and a can of gas.

    That was my go to solution for community oriented policing that wasn't going anywhere.
  41. I “liked” you post. But, I actually “hated” your post. I’m so sorry.
    Find a way to make them pay you for the rest of your life. I’m praying for you.
  42. so Taylor was shot and killed when a felon shoots through a door and hits a Cop... the person charged with murder should be Kennith Walker, since Taylor death was the result of his actions... that's what happens in most any other situation such as this... Leftist DA's have caused this mess, thank George Soros...
  43. Thanks dude. No explanation necessary, I get the dilemma of the "Like" lol.
  44. If someone kicks in my door in the middle of the night they will get a face full of buckshot. I wouldn’t be expecting it to be the police.

    Not defending criminals or anything...just saying.

    Also before everyone jumps on me, I haven’t kept up with the specifics of the case but I don’t like the idea of no knock warrants. What if they get my house by mistake? I’ll be dead and so will the first cop through the door. Both innocent, cop just trying to do his job and me trying to do mine by protecting my family.

  45. When you hear “POLICE SEARCH WARRANT”-repeatedly, by multiple voices, and a loudspeaker outside, and Malinois barking...I wouldn’t bang it out with them.
  46. Of course I wouldn’t either cause then I would know it was the police. Maybe my understanding of no knock warrants is flawed.