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Louisiana, you've been warned...

  1. WTF?
  2. Ha-Ha...always watch him whenever we are going to get a snowstorm here in Maine. Glad he's expanding his territory of forecasting.
  3. He was great.

    Hey, he's no more dramatic than the Weather Channel goofs. Talk about drama queens. Sheez. And they're supposed to be "the pros ".

    On a serious note, I am leaving work in a few and have to get batteries, water, etc. NOAA thinking we'll (I live in Louisiana ) possibly get 10-15 inches of rain Saturday .

    Got everything else ready and a sharp axe in the attic. If you catch a guy on the news refusing to get in the helicopter basket without my dog and several firearms...that's me. :)
  4. Good luck to all down there, and CF if he's lurking.
  5. Frankie means business. Frankie cares. Frankie is not interested in selling you a Chinese windbreaker.
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