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Today I went by Academy Sports and another chain. TONS of ammo. I saw cases of 9mm FMJ, 1000 round count, for $399. I'm talking about maybe 15-20 cases!

Lots of 5.56mm, .40 S&W, .380, .45 ACP, etc... 200 round value packs of 9mm...

But at high prices.

Yes $20 for 50 rounds of FMJ 9mm is still way high. Even saw some primers for sale at Academy for $6.99 a hundred.

So give it 3-5 months and maybe prices will be more sane again. Kind of to cold to shoot right now anyhow.
Well it's 4 months later now. A few things have come down, many things still high or unavailable. Norma shooting had a neat sale recently, buy one 9mm @ $16.95 get a box of Tac-22 free, with free ship over $49. Right now they have .380 at $23 50/FMJ and $25 20/JHP. Things have improved but we'll never see pre-pandemic prices again.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts