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Lost CCW?

  1. Lost my wallet today and just got off the phone with the credit card company....Im so pissed off right now but Im really worried about my ccw permit. Do I have to go back downtown to get a duplicate copy? Im so f'd.....Im in Durham county if that makes a difference.
  2. This is copied directly out of NC firearms law.

    "Any person who has been issued a valid permit must notify the Sheriff who issued the permit within thirty days after he/she has a permanent change of address. If the permit is lost or destroyed, he/she must notify the Sheriff who issued the permit of such loss. They are then eligible to obtain a duplicate permit by submitting to the Sheriff a notarized
    statement that the permit was lost or destroyed and paying the required duplicate permit fee."
  3. Don't carry concealed until you get a copy of the permit.

    I "lost" my wallet a few years ago. I got a duplicate in a few weeks. I was given a letter on the spot to carry on until the permit was ready (slow here).
  4. :laughabove: you are the 2nd person that said that to me...its funny b/c I would never think about carrying without it....plus I dont event have a DL right now. I have to wait for my duplicate to come in the mail.....I called downtown yesterday and they gave me the low down on what I have to do....I was downtown Monday and Monday night I lose my wallet....Murphy's law I guess...:sad:
  5. I reported my wallet stolen. The officer who did the report really stressed not carrying until I got another permit although open carry is ok. I got the letter the same day and the new copy later.

    My biggest fear was some unscrupulous dealer selling some crackhead a gun on my permit and DL because they had it! :sad: