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... looks like a coup d'état

  1. Does this Asshat in his asshat look like a member of a left wing coup?
  2. Looks like a real looser to me. Did they take the picture in his parents basement?
  3. Full-fledged member - deep state - "we know best, what is good for America". :rolleyes:
  4. Trump is spineless if his security clearance isn't revoked, him dishonorably discharged, and prosecuted.

    He even looks like a weasel.
  5. Yes, he should be stripped of his rank and drummed out of the military. What a true piece of s***. Col. Vindman is a spy, and is guilty of sedition.
  6. Yes, he does look like a treasonous weasel to me. I find it appalling that he testified in uniform and expecting to be called by his military title. I think addressing him as Judas would have been more accurate.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Sedition. Treason. Firing Squad. Be there. Aloha.
  9. I am waiting for charges of treason against the Dem plotters.
  10. Besides, he should have been thrown to the curb due to his failing to maintain his weight. Fat Boy Program failure. We used to throw them out. They ate their way out of the Army.
  11. Disgrace to the uniform and the Service. Someone should be researching all those ribbons and badges. He could be a Stolen Valor guy. That would put an end to this ASAP.
  12. He is a 0 different standards.
  13. Same for Navy guys..

    That's exactly what we called it. The Fat boy program, lol
  14. If you are old enough to remember the Iran-Contra Hearings, the Dimocrats in the Congress were all butt-hurt that LtCol Ollie North showed up in uniform to testify...now they have this deep state traitor show up in uniform for show...
  15. Difference is that Ollie was funny and made a good career out of it.
    This puke hopefully will be prosecuted and charged for sedition.
  16. I think the ruskies have agents throughout the dem party and on Capital Hill. Then there are the many Muslims in security positions from Obama’s 8 year rule. It’s not looking too good for the home team.
  17. Just another prime example of Democrats don’t believe in the oath that they took.
  18. David Holmes, the political officer at the U.S. embassy in Ukraine who has emerged as the Democrats’ new star witness in the “impeachment inquiry,” admitted he had been drinking wine at the time he claimed to overhear the president on the phone. from Breitbart
  19. This guy is a lying mo fo. He testified that he personally gave policy advice to the Ukrainian President. BS. A LTC makes coffee in these scenarios. They won't let him get close to a head of state. I hope he gets called on this BS.
  20. I am old enough. I also remember that he was the first guy to ever pull that stunt. His criminal prosecution went away when it was learned that his partial immunity agreement had been breached.

    I have watched this kind of junk and spins for years, both Republican and Democrat. Remember G. Gordon Liddy and how he was painted loyal and patriotic because he would not testify? Ok. YOU, not me, find the transcript of his testimony in the civil case brought by the DNC secretary AND after the judge said he would impose a default civil judgment against him if he did not give a deposition. Then you will learn the real reason for the break in at the DNC.
  21. When Nunes addressed him as "Mr. Vindman", he shot back with "Ranking member, it's Lieutenant Colonel Vindman, please". What an a--hole.
  22. Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 1.10.12 PM.png
  23. Looks like him and Schiff sleep in the same conspiracy bed.
  24. A coup is exactly what is unfolding before our very eyes. A slow - mo coup, but a coup all the same.
  25. Be advised. The mods are out in force and enforcing PC. Do not ever address the exalted Schiff with the wrong name; you know, the one that Trump likes to use.

    That is all.
  26. And now, dear reader, we find that the Army is assessing "threats" on Vindman and the Army may decide to move him and his family "on base" for his protection.
  27. Sad to see you guy disrespect our vets like this...
  28. shame shame shame
  29. The "IGNORE" feature was made for GWSHARK
  30. He has disgraced it,not us.'08. :upeyes:
  31. Coming out of the White House and Pentagon....... crickets.
  32. [​IMG]
  33. I guess Benedict Arnold was a Democrat too.

  34. Unfolding? It's already full blown, started inauguration day. Five separate inquiries, all for nothing. Now, this ridiculous charade on TV.
  35. He has a very punchable face.
  36. "That's not what I heard a guy on the phone say other people called you."
  37. I wrote elsewhere that a guest on Tucker Carlson said he was 'poured' into his uniform to go to the hearing.
  38. I could be mistaken but I think I heard someone last night basically say this. I wish I could remember who it was, maybe Sebastien Gorka.
  40. A Citizen doesn't have to refer to a Serviceman by rank, he doesn't even have to know what the rank or service is.
  41. "Mr. Vindman. I save such a title as a sign of respect for honorable members of the military who haven't admitted to violating their oath, haven't tried to undermine the Constitution, haven't interfered with foreign policy, and haven't participated in an attempted coup against a duly elected president. IOW, just about everyone but you."
  42. Who's on top ??..:rolleyes:
  43. TMI
  44. Offered the job of being department head of a foreign country This is a trader in our military.
  45. After 22 years of service I feel no obligation to respect someone just because he is a vet. He seems to have an inflated view of his importance and is IMO doing a disservice to our country.
  46. Trump probably has to be careful, as regards made up charges of witness intimidation or stuff like that.

    But maybe if the Dems lose 2020 bigly then there can be a reckoning.
  47. Get comfortable, you might have a lengthy wait !
  48. That’s my prediction too.
  49. It’s loser, not “looser”.