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Looking for threads--need help

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I like reading about Glocks and especially G20s. I'm looking for any thread which deals about the merits of the G20, its virtues and detailed opions about the gun itself from members of this forum. I'm looking for information about why people feel the G20 (Glocks) are good (excellent) weapons--in their own words and not a rehash of what the Glock site says. I tried to search, but as you know a tread sometimes may takes on a life of its own (it starts out titled for one thing and ends up sonsisting of something else). I don't want to reinvent the wheel by starting a new thread, but I'm looking for hidden nuggets of insightful opionions, knowledge and information written by members with really good overall information about the G20 which happens to be a part of a thread by a different title. If someone can help--great. If not, I still like this site and its helpful and thoughtful members who always seem to want to take care of each other.

Thanks again.
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I don't know if there is an actual thread that addresses your particular question. This is after all a glock forum and most are here because they have come to realize in their own way that the glock is a super reliable weapon. Check out they glock 21 torture test on the highroad forum. It was very convincing for me. The 20 was my choice for the 10 mm platform as i became aware of the virtues of the 10 mm round i also heard of the problems that 1911 platforms had adapting and metal stress coping with this round.
Although, with the 10 mm new found popularity there are some manufactures that are starting to come out with new platforms. I found that the only semi auto weapon that has been around almost since the inception of this round was the glock 20. It was build to handle this round and has done so with every bit of glock reputation for reliability. the frame absorbs the recoil and makes super pleasant to shoot, very accurate round and weapon, ease of cleaning etc. The only draw back i have found was the sights, which can easily be fixed and getting used to the trigger but a 22 lr conversion and lots of trigger time allowed me to re train my technique from single action 1911 to glock trigger. I know that the Smith and Wesson revolver has a good reputation with this round. hope this helps.
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Do s search for "10 mm versatile" on the "General Glocking" , "The 10 ring", and "10 mm reloading forums." A lot of good threads will come up.

Here is one decent thread which touches on a lot of the major discussion points.

This thread hits the major talking points too

Also, a search on the same forums for "10 mm" and "Chuck Norris" will introduce you to the finer points of 10 mm officianado humor.
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