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Looking for Emerson, MicroTech & Others..ASAP! & a lil advice.

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by venomjunky, Jan 25, 2010.

  1. venomjunky


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    May 1, 2006
    Looking for a few, possibly several knives to add to my collection...which has been HUGE until I was forced to sell many, due to a moron slamming into me about 2 months ago and jacking up my back, neck, shoulder and possible nerve damage! Could choke him bout

    I'm down to a box FULL!!! of old folder Imperials, Oldtimers, Marbles Fixed blade (Skinning knife w Bowie type razor sharp blade) Patd 1916 w Orig sheath, OLD! J Marttiini Finland fishing knife w sheath, OLD KABAR folder, Bucks, Benchmade Osborne Switchback (Pre production blue), Swiss Army, Cold Steel, etc...

    Some may be very rare and expensive..dont know though..I will post up Pics for advice in the correct forum.

    I know 1 Emperial is at least 70 years old and in near perfect condition! The Marbles is at least 80 years old..

    Only a few are keepers for emotional reasons..Like my used beat up Ultratech that my little brother was carrying when he as killed. Maybe worth few houndred..wouldnt sell for few thousand..Ya know how it goes..

    #1 Looking for Emerson Commander/Mini, Prefer Mini and Combo Edge but will look at any! Shooting Range I work p/t at has 2 plain edge Minis for $150 (Which I get 10% off).. Open to about any and all Emersons except the CQC7 PSARK and SARK...

    #2 Microtech..Open to what you have?? Prefer OTF..Have owned MANY Microtechs.. Makora was a bit long for my likes. What ya got?? LMK!!

    #3 Open to some Spydercos...No Delicas or Police models please. I really like their Military, Civilian and the Harpi. Again, open to what you might have, Throw it at me! ;) lol..not literally!
    Will entertain a Police if its a good deal, combo or full Serr!! blade
    I like the " Hawkbill/ Karambit blade styles as well as combo edges..

    #4 Fixed blade Knife for my Paraclete vest ;) Yea, its a Paraclete cutaway! The best IMO!! Tad big on me but I love it! Nicer than my old $3700 RBR vest! Need to find right knife or knives that is MOLLE comapatable. I carry a back up for my back up on about everything.

    Open to about anything and ideas from you "knife guys" would be great!! Have tried the KABAR TDI..didnt like it. I like the smalller one that fits perfectly behind my Mag pouches on my duty belt is great. Benchmade Nimravus..Knife was great! Sheath sucked! Gerber knife..Dont know exactly which.. Sturdy, sheath was frickn big!! Took up more room than my 2 Bang pouches & baton pouch together!

    I'm using a Cold Steel Spike right now but need something with a bit more to hold on to...Let me know what ya got for sell or what you might suggest.

    Have cash and or trades!!!

    Really could use a trade +or- cash...I assure you I have something you would like!!! Do have a little cash burning a hole in my pocket though..Dont tell my wife!! lol!

    When I say trades..I mean it!! I have wayyy too much to possibly list!!

    TONS of military/police/tactical/ammo/VERY hard to get (legal to own but check your laws) less lethal items, TEOTWAWKI galore!! Med Kits, stab or bullet Armor, several ASP and Monadknock expandable batons, about every type of less lethal you can imagine!! radar gun!! Wayyy to much to possibly list. Best to call!

    I prefer used and or cheaper deals of course ;) 3 daughters and a stay at home Wife! Cash is really tight for time being due to no work comp or unemployment (Have never used either) as the 19yr old Moron slammed into me while in the process of several big job changes.

    I went from 34yr old high speed, Police Officer, FT Firearms/ Defensive Tactics Instructor, compeditive shooter, Tac Breacher, C3 FFL/SOT, etc.. to feeling like a 90 yr old, out of work cripple guy!

    Too add to all my fun, My K9 ( Son I will never have) died in my arms the other night/morning (2am) & was up till 0630 digging him a grave..Didnt do my back any good, nor did the tire blowout I had earlier that night in the Van we just got back from the Moron slamming into it! Sheesh!

    I could go on but I dont want anybody to cry! LOL! Mid life crisis at 34!!?? LOL!

    Buying, selling and trading "boy toys" makes me feel better as I cant go shoot!! which is my stress outlet.

    PLEASE CALL EMAIL OR TEXT so I can get Msgs on my phone. NO PMS PLEASE!!

    Need to do some dealing to keep my mind at ease ;)

    Thanks in advance!! Hope I can get some toys and maybe I can help any of you get some things that you are wanting.

    Trey Small 316-871-6716 OR
  2. Bobsaget


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    Jan 23, 2009